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Voyage of The Kings At “EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur”

KPOP Kings EXO is back in Malaysia again for the 4th time, continuing their epic saga of PLANET stage “EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur” on 14th December 2019, 6 PM at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil.

Organized by Star Planet and presented by Malaysia #1 Rebates Platform GETBATS, the stadium went full house status with a crowd of 10,000 fans, all dressed up in ‘cosmic latte’ colour code, turned up early in the morning with raging anticipation to participate in this concert. EXO Planet #5 -“EXplOration” begins with 6 sold out shows in Seoul last July and has toured Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, etc. The Malaysia’s gig has been a much-awaited event for the fans who has gathered a lot of excitement as the boys return pretty much bringing a greater height performance since the previous one in July, 2018.

Here a few highlights of the show:

  1. Synced Lightstick – Jalur Gemilang on ERIBONG!

( Credit picture : @kuronology )

Although this is the fourth time EXO has held their full concert here, this is the first time where EXO-L Malaysia could experience a sync-lightstick arrangement during the concert. This technology has recently been introduced to kpop fans in Malaysia during Super Junior D&E concert few months ago where the lightstick sync according to the beats of music & song! The highlight of this tech is during the EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur, ERIBONG (name of EXO lightstick) light up to the colour shade of Malaysia flag! Isn’t it pretty? Good job tech team who has bring the best of this tech!

  1. Dress code & Fanchant

A poll has been conducted by the fanbase and months before the show, the colour ‘Cosmic Latte’ is chosen to be the dress code for EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur. During the show, one of the EXO members, Oh Sehun, has taken his guess on the reason why the colour is chosen citing his suggestion to wear BEIGE to a Malaysia fan during a fan sign session. He was asked on what colour should Malaysian EXO-L wore. It turns out the major reason of it is the release of ‘Universe’ on December 26th, 2017, with the theme ‘UNIVERSE’ highlighting the concept of neutral tone colour, also recognised as ‘Cosmic Latte’. Living up to the slogan “WE ARE ONE”, fans attending the show are following the dress code and they all becoming ONE through the fanchant and also sing-along during the concert!

Overdose with EXO yet? I dun think so #EXO #EXplOrationInKL #EXplOrationInMalaysia

— MyKpopHuntress (@MyKpopHuntress) December 14, 2019

  1. Obsession

What a suprise!!! They performed Obsession without bgmusic perfectly! Talk abt KINGS! #EXO #EXplOrationInKL #EXplOrationInMalaysia

— MyKpopHuntress (@MyKpopHuntress) December 14, 2019

EXO has recently released a new album, OBSESSION. As the tour started before the album went on release, the song is not included in the setlist of the show. However, Malaysian EXO-L went on beast mode to let their voice chanting for OBSESSION live being heard. During the ending ment as the cheer gets louder, the band took notice and guess what? They perform OBSESSION on the spot, acapella, unplugged, no background music, nothing, purely voice. All hail to the king EXO, even without music & MR backup voice, they sound so perfect & EXO-L loud fan chant completed the song flawlessly. Good job for both!

The 2 hours 30 minutes fully-packed with magnificent visual, high quality live music by EXO themselves plus the enthusiastic energy of EXO-L in the show from the start till the end of the show marked the end of another history for yet another EXO Live in KUALA LUMPUR.

 Mykpophuntress would like to thank Star Planet & GETBATS for the invitation. See you at the next event!

Name of Event : EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur

Date : 14th December 2019

Venue : Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur

Num. of Attendees : 10,000

Full Setlist of EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Kuala Lumpur

    1. Tempo
    2. Transformer
    3. Gravity
    4. Sign
    5. UNVillage (BAEKHYUN solo)
    6. 24/7
    7. Love Shot
    8. Ooh La La La
    9. Monster
    10. Oasis
    11. Been Through (SUHO solo)
    12. Lights Out (CHEN solo)
    13. What A Life (EXO-SC)
    14. Closer To You (EXO-SC)
    15. Falling For You
    16. Wait
    17. Power
    18. Confession (KAI solo)
    19. Bad Dream
    20. Damage (+SEHUN solo)
    21. Growl
    22. Overdose
    23. Call Me Baby
    1. Unfair
    2. On The Snow
    3. Smile On My Face



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