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[Coverage] 5 Things To Love About The ElyXiOn in Kuala Lumpur

 July 24th, 2018  MyKpopHuntress

Korea’s biggest boy group to date, EXO returned to Malaysia for their EXO Planet #4 concert tour – The ElyXiOn in Kuala Lumpur, 7th July 2018, Saturday at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. Garnering massive interest since it is first announced by organizer Star Planet with the support of Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and sponsored by 100PLUS, the tickets to the show were sold out on its physical launching day at Atria Shopping Centre on 12th May and the ones available online on the next day were snatched within minutes.

Crowning itself the first Kpop concert in Malaysia to do so at such speed. In 2015, Big Bang’s MADE concert in Kuala Lumpur were sold out within a couple of days.

The ElyXiOn sees a whooping 15,000 attendees that night enthralled by captivating performance with a total of 30 songs from 8 members of EXO while one of their members, Lay (also known as Zhang Yixing), are absent due to schedule conflict. In the duration of 150 minutes, here are the 5 things we love best about the concert right here in Kuala Lumpur!

1. Its Finally Done Indoor!

Before ElyXiOn, Kuala Lumpur had hosted EXO’s two other world tour namely EXO’luxion in 2016 and EXO’rdium in 2017 where both took place in Stadium Merdeka while the tour itself were designed to be held indoor. This is the first time Malaysian fans get to enjoy the whole spectacle as its originally planned by EXO’s team! Axiata Arena or formerly known as Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil underwent major renovations and are ready just in time to host ElyXiOn. The show was in its full throttle, with elevated stage to sustain the whole members up and also the mesmerizing sight of the fans or known as EXO-Ls lights in the darkness of the indoor venue, creating their very own Cosmic Latte.

2. EXO Are Acknowledging Local Fans’ Effort

At the initiation of the concert day, EXO delivered a gratitude video, mentioning the sold out event that took place in Malaysia! Its extended to the stars when they signalling spectators to sing along with them while addressing the thundering sing-along session during KoKoBop. Previously in EXO’luxion, when EXO first held a concert in Malaysia, the group were impressed by the fans singing along religiously to their performance during the whole event. The hard to miss enthusiasm shown are well-noted by the boys to the point they were hinting for fans to request a 2-days show! Lets just say, they like to see Malaysian fans just as much as we like to see them too.

3. Mad Props For All 30 Songs!

The whole 2 hours and half are no short of thrills! We lost count of the songs performed at first because each songs are done justice with dazzling choreography, top notch vocals, heart-felt serenade and most importantly, the stage was always packed with props and preps. The excitement we felt at the well-equipped show like the backdrop for CBX stage, elevated platform (we have a thing with this especially when it can transforms!) and equally enthusiastic dancers are comparable to riding a rollercoaster ride, the sudden spike of heart beat and mellowing are making our adrenaline running mad throughout the show. Your eyes just kept glued on the stage, afraid you might missed out some thrilling act they have prepared!

4. CBX and Solo Stages Consistent Progress

In the entire career of EXO, we have attended their concert from the very first, the small, almost forgotten ones (EXO-M for Super Asia Showcase at Kenanga Wholesale City in 2012) to the latest ElyXiOn, though our attendance are scattered around South East Asia and Seoul. We have to say solo stages and unit like CBX really shows a steady growth in honing their skills. The singing, the dancing, some even goes to the extent of trying different style and shape-shifted their whole physique! What has never changed are their humility, buddy-like warmth and always
looking into dishing out more to spectators. The spirit of entertainer.

5. Fans And Freebies Trip!

Back to the fans! While we are conditioned to fans doing projects for their favorite groups, this is like a whole bazaar where there are dozens of freebies given out from fans for fans during the waiting time before the gate opens around the concert’s venue. And they are all surprisingly are of good quality! Be it paper banners, hand fan to snacks (some got food but we probably missed that out!), its like an EXO-based festival pre-concert! Its a normal practise in Seoul but to have this around homeland is really something else. Thank you for making this event a lot more colorful!

Kuala Lumpur is ElyXiOn’s final stop before their finale in Seoul at Gocheok Sky Dome, the largest capacity stadium in Korea to date on 14 -15 July, 2018. EXO are to follow an extended 2 days ElyXiOn in Macau the coming August and the members are whispering sweet nothings about new album after their grand finale of world tour. Heres cheering to EXO for even better stuffs for fans!

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