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[Coverage] Being One with Wanna One at One : The World in Kuala Lumpur

 July 25th, 2018  MyKpopHuntress

After their much sensational and partially controversial Wanna Be Loved fan meeting back in January at Stadium Negara, Wanna One returned to our shore once again for their concert tour, One : The World on 21st July, 2018 at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. Organized by YJ Partners, the door was open an hour before concert kicks off with the running duration of 2 hours and a half. Around 8,000 fans were reported attending the show in Kuala Lumpur to see the South Korean’s idol picks in action.

Debuted just last year, Wanna One as a project band formed by Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ has released up to 3 albums to date, 1X1=1 (To Be One), 0+1=1 (I Promise You) and 1÷x1 (Undivided) and their debut album earned them the first Kpop group to sell a million copies of their debut album, a title hard to obtain for a debut group! Three albums combined, the show has elaborate setlist of songs and exciting choreography. Lets keep in mind they just debuted last summer, which is amazing!

The show started with “One sound, One heart, One dream” whispered, reminiscing how the members of Wanna One are formed, bonded over a dream they chased together. Opening the concert their hit songs “Burn It Up” “Never” and “Energetic” to deliver excitement, the whole concert seen all 11 members solo performance and laced with their unit’s stages. Full setlist are available at the end of this post.

Their fans or known better as Wannables were singing their lungs out to accompany their performance and its nice to see Wanna One interacting with each of them at every chance they get. The most memorable part for the local fans would be the members attempt at speaking little Bahasa Malaysia phrase in their own style. Ranging from “Cantik Gila” “Memang Terbaik” “Awak Boleh Bertahan” “Terima Kasih Banyak” the phrases are short, simple and sweet, just thinking they are putting such effort to interact with fans in their ridiculously packed schedule warms our heart a lot.

Wanna One, prior to their disbandment as per contract, had done a pretty good job to ensure everyone leaving the show with very personal, great memories to reminisce to when they are still Wanna One. Round of applause for Wanna One and we wish the best to their remaining
pursuit and coming endeavours.

Wanna One’s One : The World in Kuala Lumpur Setlist

1. Burn It Up

2. Never

3. Energetic



6. Forever and A Day

7. VCR (Guanlin, Jihoon, Minhyun, Jaehwan)

8. Dance Break (Woojin & Jihoon)

9. Boomerang

10. Ment

11. Day By Day

12. Beautiful + DANIEL solo

13. VCR (Daniel, Seongwu, Jinyoung, Sungwoon)

14. JAEHWAN solo + I’ll Remember

15. Wanna Have Acoustic Ver.

16. Always

17. Ment

18. ONG solo + DAEHWI solo + Hourglass

19. Kangaroo

20. VCR (Daehwi, Jisung, Woojin)


22. Wanna Be

23. Twilight

24. Nayana

25. Ment

26. I Promise You

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