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tvN Asia’s 24-hour Expressed Drama Her Private Life Releases an Exclusive Glossary For Fandom Beginners amidst first episode’s premiere

Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia (11 April 2019) – tvN Asia’s 24-hour express drama – Her Private Life (她的私生活) – starring Kim Jae-wook (金材昱) and Park Min-young (朴敏英), will premiere on tvN in Asia tonight (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia.

The production team released a glossary, which is an exclusive beginners’ guide, fandom 101. There are lots of new coinages that Korean fans encounter every year, which represent the language of the new generation. The glossary is said to be a helpful guide for the newly joined fanboy Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook), as he shows no interest in fandom previously. This mysterious and interesting glossary is prepared by Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young), Ryan’s subordinate at Cheum Museum of Art, who is secretly a professional fangirl of Cha Shi-ahn (Jung Jae-won). Those newly coined phrases in the list perfectly illustrate the modern way of communication among fans. For instance, “덕후 (duk-hoo)”, refers to crazy fans; while its antonym “머글 (mo-guel)”, means some who shows no interest to a fandom. Her Private Life is not only a drama following the intriguing romance between characters, but also describes the evolution of fandom in great details.

Apart from the exclusive glossary, the first OST “Help Me” by popular Korean girl group (G)I-DLE will be released on 11 April at 7PM (GMT+8).The song depicts the sweets and bitters of love which fits the scenario of this romantic comedy perfectly.

Her Private Life will broadcast on tvN in Asia from 11 April (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia. The drama is paired with English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.

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