[Coverage] Finally Here : Winner 2018 EVERYWHERE Tour in Malaysia

Organised by MacpiePro, Winner has successfully embarked their very first solo concert in Malaysia at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam on a Sunday, 14th October 2018. Around 6,500 Inner Circle gathered to witness the EVERYWHERE Tour stop in Kuala Lumpur with their very own eyes.

Winner performed over 20 song that includes their all-time hits like Empty, Movie Star, Love Me Love Me, Really Really, and many more. Winner’s wardrobe selections were up to our expectations and it told great details of stories in each performance. The on-point vocal and choreography the group staged, made all the attending Inner Circle’s Sunday’s evening the better.

WINNER goes beyond expectation when each of them had a solo appearance starting off with Mino performing ‘Body’. Jinu continues by serenading the audience with a cover of G-Dragon’s song, ‘Untitled, 2014’. Then, Yoon followed right after with the song ‘Instinctively’ and ‘It Rains’. A pleasant surprise follows when he performed John Legend’s All of Me and moved the crowd sing along. The solo segment ends with Ringa Linga and Serenade performed by none other than the energetic Hoon.

Inner Circle chants with their Winner lightstick unwavering through the concert and the fans astonished Winner with their flower light fans project prepared ahead of the concert by Malaysia Inner Circle. WINNER in return expresses their gratitude by endlessly mentioning MYIC, or the short for Malaysia Inner Circle.

During the last ment, Winner shared even more thankfulness once again addressing the support they get, drenched with adoration and appreciation. They said they had fun in Malaysia regardless of the very short time and mentioned they have enjoyed Malaysia’s local food like Satay and Nasi Lemak, and really feel good to experience a different culture in each country they have visited.

Great post-event withdrawal syndrome is cast upon all the local Inner Circle after such a good 2 hours and a half spectacle. Winner will continue their 2018 EVERYWHERE Tour next to Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you MacpiePro for the invitation!


Organizer: MacpiePro
No. of Attendees: 6500
Song List:
5.Body+Turn off the light -Mino 
6.Untitled – Jinu 
7. It rains+All of me+Instinctively -Yoon
8. Serenade+RingaLinga -Hoony
9. We Were 
10. For
12.Movie Star
14.love Me Love Me
15.Special Night
17.Really Really 
19.Don’t flirt
21.Really Really 
22.Everyday (remix)
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