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[Coverage] Excellent Polished Performance of Seventeen ‘Ideal Cut’ in Malaysia

 September 27th, 2018  MyKpopHuntress

After a successful ‘Diamond Edge’ concert tour last year in Malaysia which also held in September, Seventeen are back again with new tour, ‘Ideal Cut’ and this time, it was held at Mines International Exhibition Convention Center (MIECC) on Sunday, 23rd September, 2018. Organized by Fast Track Events Sdn Bhd, the door was open an hour before concert kicks-off with a running duration of 2 hours and a half.

The Ideal Cut was indeed successful when Seventeen who consist of 13 members has sang more than 25 songs on that night including their popular songs like Thanks, Pretty U, Adore U, Oh My!, Clap and Very Nice, energizing Carats even more throughout the show! Full set list is available at the end of this post.

Seventeen who were known to have their own distinct team of Vocal, Performance and Hip hop also took the stage in units with each team performing 2 songs to add even more excitement. Hip hop team heated up the stage first with their classic song, Un Haeng Il Chi  and Sukyo, passing the baton to Vocal Team serenading the fans with Habit and Pinwheel. Performance team for the final team segment made an outstanding performance through Swimming Fool and JamJam.

The show then continues with special performance from leaders from each team with Change Up. Befitting an international show, Joshua and Vernon delighting the locals with their song, Rocket in English and trio DK, Mingyu and Jun’s Hello made a really wonderful ending to the segment.

After showing their charismatic and handsome stages, they appeared their wits and playfulness by acting like their own lightstick, Sebong in Their Thinkin of U performance. The Encore was lit when they perform 3 of their songs like Campfire, Healing and ending it with Very Nice.

By the end of the concert, Seventeen promised to come again to Malaysia and wishes that everyone would still attend their coming concert tour. They added a very nice gesture by advising the fans to come home safely and eat delicious dinner, just like they would.

We hope Seventeen would keep their promise and perhaps we can meet them again in Malaysia for the next tour.

2018 SEVENTEEN Concert ‘IDEAL CUT’ in Malaysia – Setlist

1. Opening VCR
2. INTRO. New World
4. Thanks Remix
5. VCR 2
7. NO F.U.N
8. Chuck Remix
9. Intro Ment
10. Run To You
12. CHANGE UP (Leaders)
13. VCR 3
14. Un Haeng Il Chi 言行一致 (언행일치) (HIPHOP TEAM)
15. Sukyo (숙여) (HIPHOP TEAM)
16. Habit (VOCAL TEAM)
17. Pinwheel (VOCAL TEAM)
18. Swimming Fool (PERF TEAM)
19. Jam Jam (PERF TEAM)
20. VCR 4
21. Thinkin’ About You (by SVT BONGBONG)
22. Hello (DK, Mingyu & Jun)
23. Rocket (Joshua & Vernon)
24. Pretty U
25. VCR 5
28. Oh! My!
29. Ment 2
30. CLAP

31. VCR 6
32. Campfire
33. Ending Ment
34. Healing
35. Very Nice

Special thanks to Fast Tracks Events for inviting MyKpopHuntress to such a brilliant concert.

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