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[COVERAGE] Kang Daniel Made Grandiose Returns to Malaysia with 1,860 Altitude Solo Concert

Inaugurating his first stop for ‘FIRST PARADE’ tour leg, the soloist warmed the hearts of local fans after 3 years since his first fan meeting in the country

South Korean singer Kang Daniel returns to Malaysia after his successful first fan meeting ‘COLOR ON ME’ in 2019 this time with “KANG DANIEL CONCERT FIRST PARADE IN MALAYSIA” held at Arena Of Star Genting HIghland on 14th January 2023, making it his first concert ever held in Malaysia. 

With Malaysia being the first stop of his 2023 tour, Kang Daniel served a new look and a revamped setlist featuring three songs “Nirvana”, “Ghost” and “Selfish” from his follow-up album “The Story : RETOLD”, released in November, 2022. Malaysian Kang Daniel’s fans or known better as DANITY were privileged to be the first to experience the live performances of these three song. 

Kang Daniel adds a cherry on top to spoiling the fans by twerking a bit as he sang ANTIDOTE in ROCK version, that is also unveiled for the first time in Malaysia stage. 

Did you know that the performance arena is 1,865 metres above sea level? In high altitudes, the air pressure drops, making breathing more difficult as less oxygen enters our vascular systems. Yet, Kang Daniel executes the show effortlessly performing 16 songs all by himself live making the 2 hours pass by in just a blink of an eye. 

The famed singer made his entrance looking dashingly handsome in military-like uniform, performing Who U Are, Don’t Tell and Waves. Fans were extremely delighted to hear his Bahasa Malaysia greetings in his intro, saying, “Apa khabar Malaysia, nama saya KANG DANIEL”. 

Kang Daniel posted a special segment called BALANCE game months before this concert, in which DANITY were asked to participate by providing “This or That” type of question, and Kang Daniel will pick a few to be answered during this part of the show. 

A few highlights during the segments sees him had to choose either “Not have coffee for his entire life” or “Eat Hawaiian pizza everyday”, he strongly chose the latter and explained, “I don’t like pineapple on pizza! Pizza is delicious, it’s great! And pineapple is a very tasty fruit! So why do we need to combine it? If you put them together it just becomes scary!” 

He then get another question asked if he would rather be able to speak all foreign languages or have the ability to communicate with animals. Daniel as a cat dad smiled and did not hesitate to choose the latter for his cat as he is always curious about what his cat is trying to say to him everyday. 

He was also made to choose in between Avenger or Harry Potter if he got the chance to do a sequel for these two movies, he took a very loooooong time to pick, claiming that he loves both of these movies. Proving that he is a Potterhead, he ended up picking Harry Potter, exclaiming “My favourite character is Sirius Black!” 

DANITY Malaysia has prepared a special fanproject for Daniel during 1000x songs and when he saw the fans holding up the giant light board with the words “DANIEL, I love you” in Korean, he dropped a shy smile before responding “I love you too”, sending his fans erupting into cheers and enthusiastic screams.

Daniel can be seen actively asking the crowd “How about the performance just now?”, “Did everyone enjoy it?”, “How about my attire now?” in between performances in which it was always greeted by cheering fans that were not held back by the cold Genting temperature! 


14.01.2023 (Saturday)

14.01.2023 (Saturday)

Arena Of Stars Genting Highland

1. Who U Are

2. Don’t Tell + Waes

3. Parade

4. Touchin’

5. Selfish 

6. 2U

7. Upside Down

8. Jealous

9. Misunderstood

10. Loser

11. Antidote (ROCK version)

12. Paranoia

13. Ghost

14. 1000x

15. Nirvana

16. Movie

MyKpopHuntress would like to thank ACOMEDIA for the awesome concert experience and to Kang Daniel for including Malaysia in his concert tour list. 

See you again in the next parade? 

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