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5 Reasons Why You Should Drop By K8 XPRESS

Do you know your Korean snacks game?

Then this new convenience store is for you!

By MissHealerzz

There are so many instances in our daily life, especially as a fan of anything Korean that we either want to go to South Korea or to at least have what they are having in dramas, music videos, movies etc. The first one is a bit hard to do, seeing its COVID-19 and all BUT getting Korean food is not that hard anymore. What’s hard is to look for the authenticity of the food or fit to our daily needs.

Enter K8XPRESS to give you all that you need, Korea now is closer to you than ever! K8 Xpress brings the unique experience of street food straight from Korea to here in Malaysia. Let us walk you through the FIVE (5) main reasons on why you should drop by K8 XPRESS store today!


The unique convenience store’s first location is currently at Bandar Puteri, Puchong! Pretty accessible whether you are coming from KL or PJ. Don’t worry, they are planning to open more branches soon. I’m hearing about the SS2 and Low Yat’s branch? Keep your eyes peeled on their page for the update on the new stores!


There are extensive choices for ready-to-eat foods! Guys, be mesmerised at their K8 Signature Bowls of Topokki, Ramen & Udon Bowls with your choice of sauce and a variety of odeng! All of these are freshly cooked from the kitchen so it fills you right in the tummy and soul all at once! Quick and satisfying? Here is where they are at!

Anyone up for that jajang moment just like the characters in K-Drama? K8 Signature Jajangmyeon would get you into that feels just right! Remember to delve into their cheese and spicy sauce too!

Remember to check out their variety of kimbap, Korean Skewers (kkochi) Hot Off The Girl, Korean Street Toast and the famed Korean Corn Dog too!


We miss Korea. We are guessing that your planned trips were halted too? Cure that bitterness in your heart by picking up something sweet, salty, and a great array of Korean snacks in K8 XPRESS aisle. Honey Butter Chips,Lotte Air Baked Chips and common Korean essentials like face masks that are hard to get in Malaysia are also here!

Want to entertain the heart of your K-maniac friend? Get them some of these snacks and we suggest to throw in one Banana Milk too for an extra effect. Maybe some cute memo too


Banana Milk is one thing. Now, get them in the form of ice cream? This is first for us! So if you want that Banana Milk Ice Cream, get down to K8 XPRESS and immediately quench your curiousity!

Want to add even more Korean dramatic effect in your photo session? Grab K8 Signature Americano or if you are feeling cold, get their Hot Chocolate. Trust us! Its one of the best we have tried.


Download the Ample app and sign up as a member before you pay at K8 Xpress! Start earning points as a member of Ample for each ringgit you spend and redeem exclusive vouchers.

Ample is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Currently they are running a promotion of RM1 for K8 Signature Americano!

So. We are asking you. Are you down for the Korean food game at K8 XPRESS? Find out more about K8 XPRESS store at their Facebook page


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