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CNBLUE & BOICE Come Together for an Electrifying Night

 February 23rd, 2016  MyKpopHuntress

CNBLUE was back in Singapore once again for their latest concert tour “Come Together” on 13 February 2016 and was received by cheering fans who have patiently waited to see their favourite band. CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk kept the audience in a state of frenzy for the next two hours.

The boys started the show with two new songs from the Come Together album, Domino and Hide and Seek. The concert hall became hotter when CNBLUE started to play a new arrangement of I am a Loner. The opening portion showed a new side of CNBLUE’s music and stage performance with Yonghwa on the synthesizer, synchronizing perfectly with Jonghyun’s guitar, Jungshin’s bass and Minhyuk drum segments.


The first ment segment was full of charm and cheek, with the boys trying out Singlish and Hokkien phrases that they’ve learnt during their stay here. We’d personally like to thank whoever it was who taught them Hokkien phrases like Sure Bo (are you sure?), Wa Ka Li Kong (let me tell you), Wa Ka Li Chiam Mia (I sign for you)! Fans were delighted when Jungshin and Yonghwa started teasing each other with Ang Pao Na Lai (please give me ang pao). This preoccupation with Hokkien and Singlish phrases continued on in other parts of the concert with the boys peppering their conversations with fans with Shiok Bu, hor, and lei.

CNBLUE seriously know how to work the crowd up into a frenzy with their energy, running on the enthusiasm of BOICE and the magic of their own songs performed live. A memorable segment was when Roller Coaster, Coffee Shop, I’m Sorry and Lady were performed in succession, turning up the heat in the venue to dizzying proportions. Yonghwa, Jungshin and Jonghyun made full use of the extended stage in an attempt to get closer to fans, and also crowding around Minhyuk who was less mobile on drums than his guitar-wielding group mates.


Fans were also serenaded with four songs, Hero, Irony, Stay Sober and Realize, transforming the atmosphere into an intimate and soft one. Hero was composed and written by Jonghyun and dedicated specially for his father. Jonghyun continued to mesmerise with his husky voice through the song Irony. Yonghwa beautifully serenaded fans with Stay Sober, leaving every fan’s hearts fluttering. Realize concluded the segment with Yonghwa’s soothing voice and Jonghyun guitar accompaniment.

Jungshin sincerely expressed his gratitude towards Singapore fans who always show their love to CNBLUE whenever they were in the country. Minhyuk also mentioned that Singapore was a special place to CNBLUE, because of the wonderful memories they make during concerts, and also because of chilli crab! Yonghwa spontaneously came up with a crab song to show just how much he loves pepper and chilli crab. We totally believe you Yonghwa, and hope you get to come back here for a holiday!


We can’t leave out the wonderful fan projects that fans have come up with. Fans prepared a project specially for Cinderella, with the audience wearing gold paper crowns to symbolise BOICE’s place as CNBLUE’s Cinderella. Pretty clever! Before the start of the encore, fans also held up red and white LED balloons for their Try Again, Smile Again song fan project. It was a beautiful project that touched CNBLUE’s hearts when they walked back out for the encore.

CNBLUE expressed their gratitude and desire to visit Singapore every year. We look forward to that!

**Photo Credit: ONE Production/Marcus Lin

Concert set list : 


Hide and Seek

I am a Loner ( New arrangement )

-Talk 1-

Can’t Stop


( Ad lib + Intro ) + LOVE

-Talk 2-

Roller Coaster

Coffee Shop

I’m sorry


-Talk 3-



Stay Sober


-Talk 4-


Catch Me




Try Again, Smile Again

-Piano Medley-

Love Light

Hold My Hand

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