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[Coverage] Amazing Korea Specialties at K-Performance Show 2019

On the 27th July 2019, MyKpopHuntress have been invited to attend the K-Performance Show 2019. Held at the Plenary Hall, KLCC, the show features JUMP’s non-verbal performances, The Painters, Sachoom2 and not to forget LEO from VIXX.

Organized by Korea Tourism Organization with the concept of ‘Welcome to Daehak-Ro’, the featured acts were a part of shows called ‘Performing Arts’ held at Daehak-Ro.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performances shown by the acts. The team JUMP performed a comedy act which combines comedy acting, acrobatics and live-action based on Taekwondo, and made everyone laugh with their witty storyline.

The team The Painters which consists of a quartet blew everyone away with their spectacular performance of live drawing, combining 3D visual effects, dance and also comedy. They shown us three live drawing performances, one which uses paint, another uses light and finally we were shown a live drawing performance using charcoal.

A performance is not complete without anything that involves dancing. Through dance genres of Hip-Hop, breakdance, urban, modern dance, jazz, disco, tango and Kpop dance, team Sachoom2 performed with such vigor that made the whole audience find it hard to stay still in their seats. For the performances, team Sachoom2 also made a collaboration with Dj Roots at the second part of their set, turning the Plenary Hall into an EDM space.

Another form of K-performance visitors can enjoy is musical performance, which is also a part of the ‘Welcome to Daehak-Ro’ program titled Welcome Theater, Relay Show.

Member of VIXX, LEO who is also a musical actor was brought specifically for this reason. Wooing the crowd by singing 3 songs from his previous musicals Mata Hari and The Last Kiss, the idol-turned-musical actor also sang one of his solo songs for his fans who attended the show.

As these performances are only a part of the many more performances held for the ‘Welcome to Daehak-Ro’ program, any fans of K-Performance can visit Seoul themselves to experience more of the local traditions and performances. Tickets and timetables of the performances can be obtained from Korea Tourism Malaysia’s website

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