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Do You Really Know Jay Park?

Jay Park is a world-famous hip hop and R&B artist who is based in South Korea. Most of K-Hip Hop fans will know who is Jay Park. Starting his career as an idol before, he is one of household names among Hallyu fans. We can assume we know Jay Park really well. But do we really know Jay Park?

Here we have a few fun facts about Jay Park. Lets find out how much we actually know about this sexy, brooding Korean-American lad!

1) From Seattle to South Korea to the world.

Jay Park was born on 25th April 1987 and were raised in Seattle, America before pursuing his career in South Korea.

2) CEO of 2 Hip Hop Label

Jay Park currently has 2 hip hop labels under him, AOMG and H1ghr Music who consist talented artist around the world.

3) Signed with Roc Nation

Jay Park has been first Asian who signed with Roc Nation who is home to popular international artist like Rihanna,JayZ, Kanye West and more.

4) Judging in Asia’s Got Talent

Jay Park is one of the Asia Got Talent judges for 2 seasons now with fellow judges Aggun and David foster.

5) Show Me The Money

Jay Park has become once of Show Me The Money producer for season 4 and season 6.

6) Has collaboration with approximately 181 person and still counting

He has collaboration with approximately 181 person and still counting. This data was compiled by his fans name by twitter handles JazmineNicolle and Nmota98 and has been acknowledge by Jay Park himself thru his personal Instagram.

7) Sign Here With AOMG

Jay Park once again broke the records when his label, AOMG, under MBN, would held a talent search audition to sign with AOMG. This would be the first ever hip hop label to be having such programme and broadcasted on TV in South Korea.

8) Sexy 4 Eva World Tour

Jay Park is currently on his Sexy4eva world tour that kicked-off in Seoul on 7th July 2019 and will be coming to the cities near you soon. 

In Sexy 4 Eva,Seoul, he sang all of his previous songs till now. If you are his fans from the beginning, maybe you will walk into memory lane at the concert. Don’t fret if you are new fans, you still can enjoy the concert because Jay Park will never disappoint you, we can definitely promise you that as avid attendant of his concert. 

Several artists under his label has performed with him at the Seoul tour. Maybe we can hold on our luck should Jay decided to bring his artists down to KL too? Who knows what he might do! So, don’t miss out your chance to grab the tickets and witness Jay’s way of performing.

Sexy 4 Eva tour might be his last tour. Jay Park has mentioned several times that he will be retiring soon. Fans are sure sad and tried to tell him to not retire. We hope Jay can continue giving us new music and masterpiece to enjoy. Find out if Jay is coming to your city by visiting his webpage here.

Don’t miss a chance to meet him this upcoming September for Sexy4Eva world tour in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets will be on sale on 2nd August 2019 at 12pm onwards. Please look up to our platform for update or visit organiser FB and Instagram.

See you guys there and hope we can enjoy the concert together and be sexy for eva!

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