[Coverage] An Exciting Afternoon at TWICELAND Fantasy Park In Kuala Lumpur Press Conference

While Malaysian hallyu fans are still in shock over the abrupt cancellation of TWICELAND Fantasy Park in Kuala Lumpur, less thant 24 hours away, TWICE has no short of enthusiasm to give their fans, ONCE, the greatest show ever as they relayed in their press conference, happened just few hours before the devastating announcement.

The press conference all the nine ladies of TWICE are radiating, clad in lush greens-patterned ensemble, parallel to the beach-concept song they are currently promoting, ‘Dance The Night Way’ and we just love how it matches with Malaysia’s tropical nature. Coincidence or sense? We think the ladies knew what they were doing. TWICE were excited to try Malaysia’s ‘kuih’ and have heard a lot about how good the local delicacies are. They also said the fans has greeted them passionately and were very grateful for the enthusiasm shown, making them pumped up for the show even more. TWICE mentioned about some preparation at the beginning of the show too! They promised something pretty and hinted on unit’s stage where they have contributed their own ideas on it.

TWICE said their unforgettable memories while performing are the cheers they got from the fans and the view of it are amazing. They couldn’t wait to see it in Malaysia too. TWICE also said when fans knew the lyrics and start singing right when the beat dropped, it gave them such wonderful feeling and they are very grateful of such love shown to them. They also reminisces the time they were crying while watching a very touching video made by fans and they chanted ‘Dont cry’ while singing ‘I love you’. Every moment with fans are valuable to them.

Recently TWICE celebrated their 1000 days since debut together and the ladies mentioned about being together as friends and with fans for another 2000, 3000 days as the next milestone. When asked where they see themselves in the next 10 years, TWICE immediately said they see them back in Malaysia for a concert tour. They also would like to show fans their better and improved selves compared to when they debuted, while enjoying the stage together. TWICE also hope to be able to interact more with the fans.

Thank you to IME Malaysia for the invitation to TWICELAND Fantasy Park Press Conference.

Mykpophuntress would like to offer a virtual hug for all ONCE and anticipating Hallyu fans directly and indirectly affected by the concert’s cancellation. We hope this bit of the press conference would delight you in a way or two.

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