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Malaysia! We are ranked 8th Globally In The Number of Kpop Streams! Check out some fun facts about Malaysian K-Pop fans streaming habits and you have got to see the Top 5 most streamed songs and artists in Spotify right here!


Hallyu wave starts to hit really hard in a matter of two decades, K-Pop and K-Drama has becoming some sort of modern, oriental ‘acquired taste’. Back in the days of dial-up, it was the dedicated fans who are keen in exporting the K entertainment out to the world, in a lingua franca people mostly familiar with and in a medium easier to access. Korean and international corporations alike and even the agency that produces these entertainment themselves, then took matters into hands and Hallyu delights now are easily available to be savored by enthusiasts around the world.

Hallyu fandoms are notable for its sheer dedication, showing supports and admiration both online and on ground where their favorite figure are present. This includes making sure their purchase and leisure are of help to their favorites’ career. Streaming music and dramas are one of the most popular method and it used to count only Korean-based sites but thanks to Spotify, it is made possible for international fans to contribute effortlessly.   

Spotify’s K-Pop Hub recorded a staggering number of 6.6 billion K-Pop songs streamed since 2015 with over 14.4 billions minutes spent on listening to Korean tracks. Malaysia comes on 8th in the world and 4th in Asia to be streaming K-Pop the most! Amazing, give yourself a pat, Malaysian Hallyu fans!

Waah! Malaysian fans are so cool!

We’ve got you some trivias for you to enjoy!

K-Pop Hub in numbers :

  • The number of streams of K-Pop tracks have grown by 63% year on year.
  • The K-Pop Hub currently has over 4.8 million followers.
  • The top streamed Spotify owned and operated K-Pop playlists within the hub include K-Pop Daebak, Korean OSTs, and K-Party Dance Mix.

K-Pop Experience around the world via the Hub :

Top 5 Korean Tracks Streamed in Malaysia

1. Stay With Me

2. Beautiful

3. Spring Day

4. As If It’s Your Last

5. Blood Sweat & Tears


Top 5 Korean Artists in Malaysia

1. BTS

2. Big Bang

3. EXO




Congratulations for your support through legal streaming and even recognized as one of the biggest contributor to the streaming platform! Wear this badge on your sleeve because you deserves it.

You can find full and thorough information about Spotify’s K-Pop Hub in Bahasa here.


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