[MKHtravels] Our Favorites on Muslim Friendly Korean Food

There is no doubt that Korea is a shopping paradise, from the luxury to local brands, shopping complex to the traditional markets. All of these places have it’s own perks of being the centre of attention not only to local but also for the tourists. However, this is not the only attraction that Seoul has to offer. Tourists these days has became more diverse and focus on what they’re looking for while visiting places and being one of the most visiting place among Muslim, Seoul is turning into a more Halal-friendly hub for a food hunting. We have compiled a list of must-have food that you should taste while shopping in Seoul.

Disclaimer 1 : these are not halal certificate- mostly are pork-free

Myeongdong – Yooganae

img-20161206-wa0001 Yoogane is a restaurant that serve spicy fried rice (chicken or seafood) and best thing, the rice will be cooked in front of you. There are few branches in Myeongdong that you can choose from as they’re usually crowded especially during the dinner time. As low as 5500 won per person, you can consider this as affordable with limited side dishes (cheese, ttuk (rice cake) or noodles). They are also offered unlimited plate of kimchi and pickles.

Dongdaemun- Grill Fish Streets


Located near to Pyounghwa Clothing building, there a street that are selling grill fish. Along the street, it has 14 different restaurants to choose ). The grill fish is about 7000won and[]] above (no sharing) and serve with delicious side dish including soup, bean sprouts, kimchi and rice. If you cant speak Korean, don’t worry as some of the restaurants do have an English translated menu or otherwise, just pick any types of fish grilled outside the restaurant.

City hall – spicy octopus stir fried


If you are visiting Gyungbok Palace you would want to walk towards the Gwanghamun square (the Statue of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sunsin). Anyhow, the palace was huge (took us more than 1 hour) and after the long walk, we accidently found this one restaurant that prepare super spicy Octopus bibimbap! It’s near the Chaegyechon Stream. You can order the Stir fried octopus, but during that time, we crave for bibimbap, so we ordered one. Those who cant tolerate spicy food are not recommended to try this but the ahjumma was nicely separated the gravy from the plate and we eat it till the last grain. It cost us about 9000 for one bowl.

Gwangjang market – bindaettuk

img-20161206-wa0012 This will be one of our favourite market to buy Korean silk and cotton cloth for your baju kurung. This market is also famous with its street food especially bindaettuk or a Korean style pancake that is made from beans, green onions and kimchi/vegetables. Please be careful while picking the stall as there are also sell pork bindaettuk. It costs us only 4000 won per serving. If you’re not full yet, there are also Yachae Kimbap (vegetable Kimbap) and also odeng (korean fish cake soup) to fulfil the hunger.

Namdaemun – Galchi jorim

img-20161206-wa0007 If you ask me the exact location of this place, seriously we could never tell you, but afraid not as there are English speaking guides (spotted in red colour jacket) who room around the market to help you. This Galchi Jorim is similar to Malaysian Asam Pedas. There are different restaurants nearby and you can just opt for any store. We ordered Galchi Jorim or Spicy Braised Hair-tail stew and it was served bubbling hot right from the stove. Its red, but it wasn’t that spicy and we loved it so much! They come with few side dishes (and freebies!) including steam egg and deep fried hairtail. The stew were boiled with radish, leeks and the taste are just perfect for Malaysian taste especially after a tiring souvenir shopping in Namdaemun. Anyway they are mostly closed during Sunday so plan your trip accordingly. It cost us about 8000 won per person.

Hongdae – Halal Kebab


Unfortunately, as much as we love to shop in Hongdae, we never been to any other Korean restaurants for a meal, but we do get Halal Kebabs in Istanbul Kebab that is located in the middle of Hongdae. It’s cheap to only 4000-5000 won. If you happens to know any great pork-free restaurant around Hongdae, please drop us an email so we can try it next time in Seoul.

Ehwa University – Nipong Naepong


Nipong Naepong is a chain restaurant that serve fusion ‘Jjampong’ and Potato (goguma) pizza. The jjampong portion is big and you can share it for 2 to 3 people. On top of that, we ordered goguma pizza (sweat potato pizza) for a different taste buds. The spiciness level is quite high for the jjampong and the goguma pizza actually saved the day. There are also other different jjampong, such as carbonara jjampong if you’re not an avid spicy food lover. The jjampong cost us for about 6500-10000 and the Potato Pizza is around 10,000 won. Since it’s a chain restaurant,, you can find it anywhere in Seoul.

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