[COVERAGE] Kwangsoo Take On Malaysia’s First Running Man Challenge

It was dated way back in September when Malaysian fans were speculating about the Running Man’s beloved icon, Lee Kwangsoo to guest in “RUNNING MAN CHALLENGE Hydrated By 100PLUS” based on a very familiar silhouette released by the Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd owned company. Once his appearance were confirmed, fans of the show started to flood the contests to participate in the Malaysian version of it, led by local celebrities, Ajak, Ayda Jebat, Hafizh Syahrin, Saharul Ridzwan and Hairul Azreen, in the hope to experience a similar challenge of the Korean show and some took a chance to meet the Prince of Asia in person

Saturday, 26th November, Lee Kwangsoo arrived on the Running Man Challenge Hydrated By 100PLUS event ground located at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya, around 4PM. Clad in simple short-sleeved white tee and black pants, Kwangsoo have been smiling ear to ear, waving to all the crowd on his way and continuously doing so when he reaches the challenge arena. He went ahead to play a few rounds of badminton with the Running Man Challenge Hydrated By 100PLUS participants and showcased plenty of his famous antics during the session, delighting roaring fans who have been waiting since early morning.


Kwangsoo changed into a white tunic and add on a slim-fit blazer to match the semi-formal atmosphere of Press Conference. Never cease to smile, he then proceeds to answer questions about Running Man, noting his gratitude to the show that has given him a chance of a lifetime. The bond he had with the casts are irreplaceable and he treasures it a lot. He is glad to get closer to the local fans by participating in a segment of the Running Man Challenge Hydrated By 100PLUS.


Regarding his acting career, Kwangsoo said he had a lot in his plate and is eager to show a lot of his different sides to the world, humbly asking for everyone to look forward to it. He also mentioned that it has been a little busy for him but he would spend his free time with his friends, an indirect reference to his celebrity friends like Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung. Kwangsoo were told to choose Nasi Lemak as his favorite Malaysian dish, but he insisted on Satay which he just had for lunch right before attending the event.


The question ended the Press Conference and the event carried on to a photo session with contest winners, Meet & Greet fansign, and finally wrapped up with a special collage video for Running Man show & Kwangsoo himself, sent in by fans from all over the nation.


Catch the excitement from ONE HD – ASTRO Ch. 393 on 1st January 2017 at 4.45PM as the first ever Running Man Challenge show recorded in Malaysia.

MyKpopHuntress would like to thank 100PLUS, Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd & ONE HD-ASTRO for the invitation and looking forward to even more Hallyu-related activity to come.

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