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[Coverage] 5 Moments During MADE [V.I.P] Tour in KL That Proved Big Bang Are Kings

 October 7th, 2016  MyKpopHuntress

They opened the concert with a game segment and got us all in stitches
It’s not everyday that you get to see Big Bang act silly and play games that we see other idols play – simply because they don’t appear often enough on variety shows. But they were awesome during the games segment and was up for anything, even silly games that we thought fit better for new groups trying to make their mark in the industry, not a group that has well established themselves as serious artistes. Big Bang played games enthusiastically, and we have to say Seungri was amazing at bringing the mood up when his more serious hyungs were shy or hesitant.

Seungri is STILL a strong baby
We can’t help but feel nostalgic when Seungri performed Strong Baby, a track all the way from 2008. Let’s take a moment here to appreciate the fact that that was almost ten years ago. TEN. Feel old yet? But Seungri was stable live, and showed us a Strong Baby choreography that is imbued with a maturity that was certainly not present 8 years ago (or 7, if you count the fact that the MV for Strong Baby was released on 1 Jan 2009).

big bang seungri made kl

Daesung is so multi-talented, his Look at Me, Gwisoon performance got our head spinning
You have to watch this life to properly appreaciate it. Daesung has always wowed us with his strong vocals and enigmatic performance, but this one performance just takes the cake. Has someone given G-Dragon flowers for this gem of a song yet, or figured out what the inspiration behind this song was??

big bang kl made vip tour

If one day Big Bang decides to not include Eyes Nose Lips in its lineup, we’ll cry
We swear Tae Yang sounds better and better every single time we listen to him live. We don’t know how it’s possible but his vocals are always spot on and his dancing is the very embodiment of s*xy, so by the time Eyes Nose Lips starts up (which in this case was halfway through the concert), you’re ready to scream your throat raw and cry at the same time from Feels.

big bang made vip tour in kl

Nobody parties like Big Bang
With a song list that includes some of the best songs ever to be produced in South Korea, every Big Bang concert is a partayyy that you won’t want to miss. Bang Bang Bang, Bad Boy, Crooked, Good Boy, Sober, Bae Bae, We Like 2 Party and Fantastic Baby – name us a song list that is more lit than this, we’ll wait.

big bang kl made vip tour

This event is supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

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