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We all have goals, but not all of us have the drive. Your dreams are there to not only dream them, but to catch them. In today’s world, I don’t think we should limit ourselves to dream of 1 dream. Nothing is impossible today. An individual can become a singer and a doctor at the same time…
– Roy Kim-

Inspiring right? Perhaps those ‘dream’ of becoming a recognized singer that drove him to enter Superstar K4 and ultimately won; that opened his path to the music industry. He earned his way to people’s hearts and he is no longer just a reality TV show winner but a master artist of his craft.


Talking to Mykpophuntress in an exclusive interview, Roy Kim, being a fan of music since he was young, never had the thought to become a singer. He always treated music and singing as a hobby. It was Superstar-K who opened up the gate for him to explore this creative industry. He never realized in the beginning the opportunity that came knocked on his door, but he believed it was also his ‘lucky charm’ that brought him to the Korean music scene.


Promoting his album for the first time in Malaysia, Roy Kim was shocked to receive a very warm welcomed from the fans. He stated that everytime when he organized a Facebook LIVE or in any venue where he could interact LIVE with his fans, some Malaysian fans left a comment on his SNS and requested him to visit the country.

He was indeed curious and wondered himself if it is really true that he have fans that’s thousands miles away from Korea. Therefore, when he appeared on the stage during the showcase with hundreds welcoming and cheering before him, he was utterly speechless, appreciative and thankful with the reception that he received from the fans here. He further stated that in all honesty he was only expecting a small or lesser crowd.


In South Korea, he may have thousands of screaming fans and his melodious songs serenaded the country. At the same time, in the other part of the world, he is just a student in Georgetown University. Being a ‘Part-Time Idol’ is hard, claimed Roy Kim. Opened up on the challenges that he faced when making music, he shared with us that his biggest struggle will be ‘keeping time’ especially when he had to juggle both his music and school. He gave an example: ‘If I want another album out in Spring, usually it will take approximately a year to get prepared, but I only have 3 or 4 months after I came back from school.

Sometimes, it would be hard for me to go back to School especially after I made such progress in producing my music and also within the promotion period.’ He further mentioned that when it is time to go back to school as the new semester started, he had to drop everything and straight away go back to the campus. He added ‘It’s hard but when I have to go back to school, I have to.’


Roy Kim was lucky because his faculty is flexible towards him. They aware and understand on his musical career and they sometimes make a leeway for him. The focal point for him is, he always keep his time and arranged his schedule well. When it was the time for music, he will prepare what is necessary to promote his songs or album. When it was the time for school and assignments, he will ensure that everything was done within the semester period. Remember guys… Keeping time is very important.

It is a norm in today’s music world that our Korean idols and singers ventured into acting scene. We asked Roy Kim if he were offered to act in a drama or a movie, what character would he like to challenge himself. Can you guys pick a guess? With songs like ‘Love, Love, Love’ and ‘Bom, Bom, Bom’ written by him, one would wish he might choose romantic characters like Noah Calhoun of The Notebook, Jack Dawson of Titanic or even  Edward Cullen of Twilight Saga. He revealed that he wanted and preferred a humorous character like Deadpool.  ‘Deadpool is funny and also resembled my character’, Roy said. He believed he is not a cheesy guy and he doesn’t think he can pull off any of cheesy role. He was aware that girls would prefer that kind of character in a drama. But, if that is the kind of character that was offered to him, he added that he preferred if it is not the typical or ordinary romantic role.


With acting being an option for him to expand his wing in this industry, his ultimate goal remains with music. He dreams of holding a tour in Europe or better, a world tour. ‘I would like to spend an entire year just touring around the world’, he explained. Malaysia is the stepping stone for him to achieve that ultimate goal. With that goal, he needs his music to be big and being recognized to the other part of the earth.

Speaking of dream and achieving that dream of ours, Roy Kim shared with us a very inspiring message to all the readers.  For those of young fans who aspired to be a singer or entertainer but had to forgo their dream due to unsupportive surrounding especially from their family who wanted them to pursue a University degree and become a typical Professionals in the future, here is what Roy Kim had to say to all of you:

People have different kind of dreams. In today’s generation, I don’t think we should limit ourselves to just dream of ONE dream. Nothing is impossible today. An individual can become a singer and a doctor at the same time. Multiple jobs are now possible. I want the next generations including me to not limit myself to only ONE goal; study as high as they can to prepared themselves to achieve those multiple dreams (in order for them to reach out different occupations)’.

So guys, take inspiration from him. Set yourself a goal or goals. Work hard to achieve it and you will definitely taste the success in near future. We wish Roy Kim a very good luck in both his studies and his musical journey.


Mykpophuntress would like to thank Warner Music Malaysia for this exclusive interview.

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