[Coverage] DEAN 130 MOOD: TRBL Promo Tour in Malaysia

Malaysian Korean fans have been getting a lot of Korean acts earlier this year however, it is almost unexpected for this one particular name to come here for anything, given its ‘underground’ tendency and reputation. We are talking about the rising royalty of South Korean Alternative R&B singer-songwriter and record producer, DEAN.

Kwon Hyuk or known better by his stage name, DEAN, began his career at the tender age of sixteen, performing side by side with Keith Ape and starts writing songs two years after under the name `Deanfluenza’. His talent is picked up by Joombas Music Group and since then, DEAN has wrote a few hit songs for huge K-Pop acts like EXO, VIXX, UNIQ, Boys Republic and Block B. ‘Unfair’, a song that he wrote for EXO’s Christmas album, is well received worldwide and became the first K-Pop song to enter 2015’s Apple Music ‘Best Of The Week Playlist’. He also formed ‘Club Eskimo’, a hip hop/R&B crew in 2015 with few other young artists.


His schedule in Malaysia kicks off with press conference at Loud Speaker, Puchong. In his short introduction of himself, he explained the moniker ‘DEAN’ is a homage to James Dean for his astounding rebellious image, something he personally admire.

Breaking codes continues to happen while discussing his debut EP, ‘130 Mood TRBL’, where the TRBL is a stylization for `Trouble’ and each track in the album mainly speaks of love story and uniquely, influenced by a movie title. DEAN has a thing for films and before producing, he would think of the song as a movie and fits a theme for each track and the album.

On how he felt debuting as a singer, it’s a bliss and he is glad to take a chance on it. Its different from working behind the scene in his early career, he enjoyed being able to meet his fans and performing in public.


Recently, DEAN has guested in Blue Night Radio hosted by SHINee Jonghyun who is also a budding producer and they talk about a wishful collaboration. The wish still stands and Jonghyun himself has approached him about it, although it might need some time since both of them are busy. Concerning his upcoming new single, in the light of Punchnello’s recent debut, who is a member of Club Eskimo, DEAN expressed that with the team, he did a lot of producing and is able to work with a lot of cool artist. He is happy to release any new single and told us to look forward for it.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, DEAN has enjoyed the spicy `Nasi Lemak’ and also tried `Teh Tarik’. He is yet to take on Durian but have heard about it and will try it later. DEAN completes his Malaysian experience by learning some sweet Malay words to flutter the fans heart, ‘Sayang’ and `Saya Cinta Padamu’.


DEAN shares his normal routine before performing on stage, it starts with prayer then he would pour himself some drinks, drawing laughter from the media and he went `why not?’. He is very happy for the warm welcome by so many Rebels (his fans endearment) at the airport and mentioned about receiving a lot of chocolate as gifts, he is building muscles so it tempts him a great deal.

At the end of the Press Conference DEAN showed his gratitude to have a promo tour for 130 MOOD: TRBL in Malaysia and wishes that everyone would look out for his showcase later on.


DEAN first performance in Malaysia was at MYFM Dare Dare Go 2.0 in Sunway Pyramid, singing three songs: Half Moon (D), 21 and Put My Hands On You, getting fans filling up the stage area up to the third floor. Right after the show, DEAN hold his first autograph session at Popular Bookstore’s CD-RAMA, Sunway Pyramid and around 1,000 fans has turned up on the venue just to get a glimpse of the multitalented artist.


The next day sees DEAN in Penang for his showcase at Gurney Paragon. DEAN has performed 5 songs;the same set as the one in Sunway with additional of What2Do & I’m Not Sorry, revving fans to the max by unleashing his iconic stage attitude with the routinal water-throwing.


DEAN wrapped up his tour by, appearing as special performer for AIM Chinese 2016 at the finale where he performs 2 songs: Half Moon (D) and I’m Not Sorry.

He departed to Singapore the day after, for his autograph session over the causeway. Mykpophuntress would like to thank Universal Music Malaysia for inviting us to cover this promo tour. We look forward for more exciting event, Korean-related by UMM in the near future. Till then!

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