[COVERAGE] Grooving with B.I.G

B.I.G, an acronym for Boys In Groove, touched down in Malaysia on 21st of July 2016 for their very frst showcase in Malaysia, organized by I Creative Event. The 5 piece K-Pop group made up of J-Hoon (Leader), Benji (Main Vocal), Gunmin (Main Dancer), Minpyo (Main Rapper) and Heedo (Rapper) decided on Malaysia as their first ever Asian region’s showcase and overseas performance. Debuted back in July 9, 2014 with their single “Hello”, the boy group under GH Entertainment went consistently by releasing songs over the years titled “Are You Ready”, “Taola”, ”Between Night and Music” and promoting their latest song; “Aphrodite”.


The Press Conference was held at Neway One Utama on Friday, July 22. Dressed in casual jeans and t-shirt, they introduced themselves one at a time and greets with “Apa Khabar Malaysia”.


They were asked about the places that they would like to visit in Malaysia and J-Hoon mentioned he wanted to visit KLCC. Minpyo would like to visit Kota Kinabalu for its delicious food and Heedo would like take a stroll at a park. In unison, they would love to visit the ‘Pasar Malam’.


A question on Malaysian food, Gunmin enjoyed  ‘Nasi Lemak’ while J-Hoon tried ‘Roti Canai’ and he is loving it. Benji liked the ‘Nasi Ayam’ he had that very morning. They would like to try ‘Durian’ as recommended by fans. In return, they recommended a few Korean dishes like the popular snack ‘Tteobokki’, ’Dwenjang Jjigae’ stew and ‘Samgyeopsal’ to Malaysian fans.


Furthering to the question of their ‘ideal type’, Heedo likes someone with a beautiful smile. Minpyo explained his type as ‘Biginning’, the name of their fan and Benji, likes an outgoing girl who sings and dance. J-Hoon as a coffee lover answered with coffee-related personality while Gunmin’s would love someone sexy and good at dancing.


The boys relayed the bits of Malay language they have studied by saying cheeky phrases each. J-Hoon started with ‘Saya Cinta Kamu’, Heedo uplifts himself with ‘Saya Kacak, Awak Cantik’ (I’m hot, you’re pretty) and Benji with ‘Nama Saya SWAG Benji’ (My name is SWAG Benji). Minpyo charmed everyone with the word ‘Comel’ (cute) as someone who is full with ‘aegyo’ and Gunmin goes with ‘Awak Saya Punya’ (You’re mine).


The press conference ended with a special fanmade video produced by Malaysia’s Biginning and the boys wishing everyone ‘Selamat Hari Raya’.


B.I.G’s showcases were held at Summit USJ on 23rd July (Saturday) at 4PM and Berjaya Times Square on 24th July (Sunday) at 4PM. Both showcase are packed with fans and they started the show right on time at 4PM with their hit songs like “Aphrodite”, “Take You Home” and “Taola”.


After a brief introduction, they played a game of charades at Summit’s Showcase and singing with the fans at Times Square’s showcase respectively. After the game, the boys continued with their performance of “Are You Listening?” and “Are You Ready”.


 B.I.G related fanbases in Malaysia has organized a surprise birthday cake for Leader J-Hoon and another separate cake for their 2nd Year Anniversary. They were presented discreetly with the help of the emcee, diverting the boys attention with food-related question.



As a closure, they performed their debut song ‘Hello’, thanking the fans and promised that they will be back at any chance. Photo session and autograph session were held right after the performance ended.


MyKpopHuntress would like to thank the official organizer, I Creative Event, for inviting us to the tour. We look forward to more exciting K-Pop event in the future by I Creative Event.

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