[Coverage] Things You Might Not Have Known About Park Hae Jin

On Saturday, 17th April 2016, Korean actor Park Hae Jin (32), made a visit to sunny Singapore – his first in his 10 years of debut as an actor. The 186 cm tall actor was in town to attend the Star Awards Ceremony that evening, but made an appearance at the open press conference at West Coast Plaza to greet local media and his adoring fans. Park had recently completed his webtoon drama, Cheese In The Trap, where he perfectly played the character of Yoo Jung, a mysterious university senior who harbours deep secrets. Having received much love by fans in Korea and abroad for his acting, the handsome actor sat down to share with the local media his genuine thoughts on acting, snippets of his personal life and his future plans.

Here are 5 interesting things that you probably might not have known about Park Hae Jin:

1. Park Hae Jin Showers His Fans With As Much Love As They Shower Him.


Park celebrates his 10-year debut anniversary as an actor this year. However, his gratitude towards his fans has never changed, and this is probably why his fans are unwaveringly loyal towards him throughout the years. Despite him telling the media of his coldness and lack of romance towards his lover, Park seems to have no problem showing his love and affection for his fans. True to his nickname of a heart vending machine, Park never fails to shower his fans with smiles and finger-hearts throughout the press conference. You could feel how much he appreciates his fans as he bows and thanks them sincerely as he hears his name being called out during the session.

2. Park Hae Jin Promises That He Will Continue Working Hard As An Actor.

Park Hae Jin Press Conference Singapore 3

When questioned if he would be acting in the possible movie version of Cheese In The Trap, he shares that no plans have been made yet about having the movie version despite it receiving limelight in the media. However, he also adds that should the movie be made and he gets casted for it, he would put in his best effort for it. He also shares that he wants to work even harder for his future projects to return the favour to his fans who have been ever loyal and continuously supporting him during the last 10 years.

Park was also asked on the kind of drama  genre he would like to work on in future. He replies that since his recent drama was a melodramatic one, he yearns to act in a lighthearted romantic comedy in his next project. This was met with screams and cheers by the fans because who would not want a tall and handsome Park Haejin to act as your romantic lover – even if it is only for the drama. 😀

3. He Is A Collector At Heart.

Park Hae Jin Press Conference Singapore 4

Park was asked whether he had any hobbies and what he does during his free time. Park sheepishly smiles and shares that he enjoys collecting things. He currently has a vast collection of shoes and toys. He adds on that as of late, he has also taken an interest in furniture and as such, he has been looking at and collecting various pieces of furniture.

4. A Silent And Caring Lover

Park Hae Jin Press Conference Singapore 5

When asked if he is fond of doing romantic gestures towards his girlfriend, Park replies that he rarely does so. He elaborates that he comes from Busan and Busan men are typically known to be more cold and curt in their mannerisms. Like any other Busan ‘namja’, Park confesses that he is not exactly the most romantic guy towards his girlfriend. His ideal type is also a woman who can communicate well wih him and doesn’t mind spending time with him at home.

As for the question of where he would like to go for a date in Seoul with his girlfriend, Park replies that there isn’t anywhere special that he can think of. Rather, he would like to go to the same places normal couples would go to on their dates and mentions Myeong-dong, a famous shopping street in Seoul, as one of them.

5. Park Hae Jin Is A Real Nice Guy

Park Hae Jin Press Conference Singapore 6

While open press conferences are held to provide fans a chance to see their favourite stars in public, there is often some distance kept between them as the star usually stays on stage to receive questions from the media while the fans look on from the periphery. However, the same is not to be said for Park. At the end of the hour-long press conference session, it was announced that Park would be having a surprise handshake event for all the fans who attended the event, and he would be going down from the stage to personally shake the hands of all the fans on the floor. This was a first for any press conference in Singapore – and a golden opportunity for everyone in attendance! To ensure the safety of everyone, Park also emphasized that he was going to walk slowly to ensure that each person in attendance would get the chance for a handshake. Can you imagine the happines and smiles on the fans’ faces as Park comes within less than a metre’s radius to shake their hands?!

At the end of the handshake event, Park was also seen comforting a fan who was sitting down as she had gotten injured during the handshake event. One could see that he was genuinely sorry for what had happened as he patted her on the shoulder several times while asking if she was alright. It was an endearing sight for everyone to see.

The open press conference session came to an end with a final photo-taking by the media before Park hard to leave in preparation for the Star Awards Ceremony that evening. It was a pleasure for the media to have to met such a well-versed and experienced actor who still continues to remain honest, humble and caring towards his fans. We look forward to see what Park Hae Jin has in store for us in the future!

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