Avenue K Asian Fest: The Legend Crush On Malaysian Herose’s Hearts

The Legend not only amazed Malaysian fans with their tall and handsome figure, but also their amazing vocal skills during their Meet & Greet Session for Avenue K First Asian Festival that was held at the Ground Atrium, Avenue K, last Saturday. The festival starts with a superb performance from a local rock band called ‘Project Pistol’.


From Left: Changsun, Jaehyuk, Lito, Roi and Listen with their lucky fans (middle)

Consists of 5 members, Listen, Roi, Jaehyuk, Lito and Changsun debuted on 2014, with their title song ‘Left Out’ that gives that catchy melody that stuck on your head after listening to it. The Legend just released their new song, “Crush On You” which was also performed during the festival.


The Legend stepped up to the stage with their colourful stage outfits – yellow, blue, green, red and purple and performed their latest song, ‘Crush On You’ , receiving loud cheer from the audience. The heat goes on as they performed ‘Nail’, ‘Shadow’ and ‘I Want You Back’ which was performed very well and we won’t forget that amazing high pitch from Listen, making us having goosebumps throughout the performance!


The Vitamin of The Legend – Jaehyuk

During the flash interview, member Jaehyuk mentioned that they have been promoting different kind of songs since their debut and wanted to try other genres in the future. When asked about which girl group that they wanted to collaborate with, all of them mention ‘Mamamoo’. In addition, Listen said that they were eyeing on ‘Mamamoo’ (performances) and liked all of their songs.


Lito melts his noona fans with his adorable eye smile

The Legend picked a cute and lovely song – ‘I Wanna Know’ as their encore song before wrapping up the stage for their fansign event. They all were very thankful to Malaysian Herose for giving them the opportunity to travel outside South Korea and hope to return to Malaysia again soon.


We would like to express our gratitude to Avenue K for giving us the chance to have a very wonderful evening with The Legend. More HD photos in our Official Facebook page! =)

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