The BTOB – DAY 6 – SISTAR – MONSTA X – GOT7 Weekend: Our Highlights

It’s been a week since the the BTOB – DAY6 – SISTAR – MONSTA X – GOT7 bonanza last weekend and we have to admit we’re still pretty much hung over from it. Afterall, never have we been so blessed to spend the entire weekend in the presence of world-class talent such as these. Because we want to reminisce, and because we want you to reminisce with us, here are some things we loved about the slew of fan meetings we attended, in no particular importance or order. 


1) DAY6’s Jae retweeted our video of him

We’re only half kidding when we say that this was the highlight of our weekend.

So what happened was, we took this video of Jae saying he loved the Singapore audience because we understood his jokes and laughed together with him, and uploaded it on twitter. Someone quote-retweeted us and mentioned him (we LOVE you for that, thank you very much), and wow, the next thing we knew, our notifications blew up like crazy!

We hope this means that DAY6 will be back here in this region again. Honestly, they were so amazing live, their studio albums do not do them justice AT ALL. DAY6 performed covers too, and you know how good a band is when they’re able to cover a more established singer, and still be able to make the performance their own.


2)  BTOB’s amazing live vocals, and spontaneity

I’m sure Melody already know this by now, but we think those who aren’t particularly huge fans of BTOB have to admit that this group has one of the best vocals in the idol world. And the best way to experience this, is live. Much can be said about the sound system in the venue for the fan meetings but the sheer force of the vocal talent in this group managed to give us the experience that Melody, and all those present, deserve.

They were also game for ANYTHING. We liked the games specially planned for BTOB, as it showcased their hilarious personalities, especially when they were asked to strike poses and do weird things like show how their faces look like when they fart while exercising. Totally believable.


3) SISTAR’S unmatched vocals

We’re pretty sure we can’t find another group whose vocals contain the husky sexiness of Hyorin, Soyou, Dasom and Bora. The group emerged on stage all smiley and goddess-like, ready to kill us mere mortals with their power vocals and sexy moves. We are not worthy! It was a shame that Soyou could not be present, we would have loved to see the group complete, but we hear she was not feeling well. We hope you had a good rest, Soyou!

The girls were also absolute darlings with their fans, especially during the games segment. A very enthusiastic fan dressed as pikachu even got an impromptu hug from Bora when she lost during a game and had to leave the stage. When you get a hug from Bora, you da real winner, girl.


4) Monsta X’s love for Monbebe

SISTAR’S juniors showed us why they’re a power rookie with their stage presence and energy. We’re all familiar with how they wow-ed the kpop scene with their debut single, Trespass, and then proceeded to unfairly attack us further with Rush and Hero, not to mention their very lovable personalities.

During the fanmeet, it was clear they enjoyed the stage as much as we enjoyed watching them perform, and wanted to do their best for Monbebe present. A lucky fan even got to be serenaded by them on stage, amidst cries of despair from the rest of us who were doomed to spend the entirety of the performance watching from the audience. Monsta X, however, really wanted to get close to fans, and even came down to the audience to greet their fans while they were performing. The crowd loved it, of course and went completely crazy!


5) GOT7’s goofiness and familiarity with fans

A meeting with GOT7 would not be complete without us crying from laughing too much. GOT7 was back in Singapore for their second fan meeting this year already and their familiarity with the country and fans here in Singapore was evident. Youngjae tried fighting with a female fan for a chair during a musical chairs game and was promptly yelled at by Jackson. Jackson then made another fan say “Sorry Singapore” for stealing a chair from another fan. Someone give this kid the kindness ambassador award for 2015 please! We were also treated to a hilarious dance battle between Youngjae and Yugyeom as Jackson and Mark showed off their beat boxing.

Just like pretty much every other celebrity who comes to Singapore, Yugyeom was super excited about eating chilli crab again. Bam Bam adorably declared that all the fans were super sexy, with Jackson butting in that even the guys, not just the girls were sexy.


Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end, and the end of GOT7’s fan meeting signaled the conclusion of an entire weekend of Kpop goodness.

We are definitely looking forward to another year of more concerts, and we would like to thank Three Angles Production and their production team who worked so hard so that we can enjoy the performances.

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