CLC First Showcase in Kuala Lumpur

Crystal Clear or by short, CLC a brand new girl group form one of the biggest entertainment company in South Korea, Cube Entertainment, who successfully made their debut earlier this year, recently held a promotion event for the first time in Malaysia. Consists of 5 members, Seunghee, Sorn, Yujin, Seungyeon and Ye Eun, all the girls were present to the press conference which was held prior to their showcase schedule.

CLC showed their Malay speaking skills to the media partners by doing their greetings with ‘Apa Khabar’ right away. Be it their first time, their nervousness is well shown during their early times of the press conference but managed to get hold of it as time goes by.

Listed below are the Q&As throughout the Press Conference with the members of CLC.


Q: How do you feel about Malaysia so far?

CLC : We felt very welcome by the fans here. It is our first time here, so we were really worried about the support, but towards our arrival at the airport, there were fans who actually came to see us and we felt good right away.


Q: Have you ever thought that you would be a performer like today?

CLC : We all had the same signals when we were young. We all used to like to sing and dance when were little so we decided on this dream and work to make it a dream come true.


Q: Who is your inspiration?

SeungHee : I would say the seniors from our company really gave us a lot of inspiration upon starting this journey. They really have a good stage performance so I really hope that CLC could be like them in the future.

Yujin : If we need to choose one, I would choose G.Na. She really helped us a lot by giving us tips for example on how to pose beautifully during performing or in front of camera. She taught me a lot of things which really did helped me a lot.


Q: Could you share with us what you did during your training period prior to your debut?

CLC : The memorable moment that I cherish the most is, where we did a lot of busking prior to our debut. Despite in a really cold weather we remained there to perform our busking and during that time there were just around 15 people who showed up and watched us.


Q: I heard that each one of you could play some instruments. May I know what is it?

Seunghee : Piano

Seungyeon : Guitar

Yujin : Percussion & Harmonica

YeEun : Djembe

Sorn : Guitar


Q: Being the first Thai girl in this Kpop industry, how does it feel to you?

Sorn : I feel proud to represent my country. I want people all around the world to be able to connect to the music as I do so I worked hard and learn Korean to be part of this industry.


Q: What are your future plan after this promo tour?

CLC : We hope to held a concert here if we have the opportunity to do so. We’ll come back if we could.

Moving on after the Press Conference, the girls headed straight to Berjaya Times Square, KL which the showcase will be taking place at. Prior to having CLC on the stage, Erul Samah was invited to do the opening act of the showcase.

Right after Erul’s performance, CLC got on stage and kicks off the showcase with their debut song Pepe. They performed 4 songs in total. Besides Pepe, they as well performed Lucky and a ballad song of What do I do as well as Like throughout the showcase.

In the middle of the showcase, 5 lucky fans were chosen to get on stage and participate in a game session with CLC. The fans were required to dance to Pepe. CLC members taught the fans personally on stage on how to dance to it. The fan who won brought home a sign poster and a few of consolation prizes for the rest of the fans.

After they ended their performance, the event goes on with an autograph session which around 200 of fans who bought the CDs are eligible to get their sign personally on stage.

We would like to express our gratitude to Universal Music Malaysia for the invitation.

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