High4 First Showcase Promo Tour Press Conference in Malaysia

On 4th September, HIGH4, a four-member K-pop boy group, held their press conference for their First Showcase Promo Tour in Malaysia 2015. Taking place at Neway Karaoke, 1Utama, all 4 members were present for the first time meeting Malaysia media representatives. Alex, Sunggu, Myunghan and Youngjun excitedly greeted the media representatives with their signature greeting but with an additional malay greetings ‘Apa Khabar?’.


Throughout the 1-hour press conference, all the members continuously showed their excitement to be here in Malaysia. All the members as well mentioned that they are really excited to perform in front of their fans in Malaysia.

The press conference started off with question of who do they think is the most handsome members among them all. Unsurprisingly, the maknae who is as well the visual of the group, Youngjun, were being pointed by all of the members. Alex then mentioned that was because he has a good looking features that makes him easy to appeal fans most of the time.


Talking about how 4 of them were formed into a group, all of them had a very completely different life before debuting. Alex had a very complicated journey which he tried out a lot of things before deciding to do music which he felt what actually makes him happy. While Myunghan, who started his singing career by joining a Korea-based singing competition, Kpop-Star Season 1 stated that he was scouted after joining the competition. On the other hand, Youngjun stated that he was actually interested of becoming an actor instead of a singer but then when he went for the audition and met the members, he changed his thought and decided to join the members to be part of HIGH4.


HIGH4 also took the opportunity to display their special talent that they are proud of. 3 out of 4 of the members, Alex, Myunghan and Youngjun decided to do beat-boxing battle and competed with each other. Sunggu who has always been known for his singing ability, with no doubt displayed his vocal talent by singing a short verse of a ballad song.

As the press conference goes on, they were asked of their ideal type of girl who they wish to be their girlfriend. Their specifications were as follows:

Alex : A girl with a good personality, has a sense of humor and someone who he can get along well with.

Sunggu : A girl with beautiful smile.

Myunghan : An innocent and quiet girl.

Youngjun : A girl who only loves him.

Before ending the press conference, they mentioned for the fans to look forward to their performance over the weekend.

We would like to thank New-Pro Star Sdn Bhd for the press conference invitation.

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