BoA Talks About Her New Album ‘Kiss My Lips’

Her last comeback was 2 years and 9 months ago. This year, which is the 15th Anniversary of BoA’s debut, she finally graced the fast-paced and fickle music industry with “Kiss My Lips”, a full-length album that shows off a fresh, alluring and feminine side of her performance, while remaining characteristically BoA.boa1
Growing up within showbiz since her debut at the very young age of 13 was an experience few have had the chance to undergo. BoA has continuously given fans powerful performances while continuing to stay grounded. She expressed her happiness at how things have turned out for her, and her gratitude for the support she has received thus far.

MyKpopHuntress was given an opportunity to interview her to discuss her new album, ‘Kiss My Lips’.
To our question of why it took her awhile to make a comeback, she explained that it was due to the process of album preparation and songwriting that took almost one year. ‘Kiss My Lips’, which is BoA’s 7th album, consists of 12 tracks encompassing the different genres of R&B, Pop and Ballad. Drawing from her experience in the business, BoA was personally involved in composing and writing all the songs in this album, together with American production team Stereotypes where she applied eccentric synthesizer riffs noted to have contributed to the charming sound and identity of the album.

Ever the stickler for details, BoA told us that she enhanced the dreamy accents in ‘Kiss My Lips’ by setting her vocal tone in the song from to low to medium, matching up to the lyrics of the song where she sings about asking listeners to gather courage and approach her.
When asked if there were any other song in the album that she would love to recommend, BoA said that she has a tremendous attachment to all of the songs and would like people to listen to each and every one and experience their different colors and charms. Each of the songs has its individual charms, inspired by different segments of her personal, every day experiences, and stories from people around her. She added that producing this album has improved her in many ways.

As an artiste who had bravely started her career before the term “Hallyu Wave” even came into existence, BoA has had tremendous business and personal experiences. She is fluent in Japanese and English due to her international pursuits, and finds that though 15 years might seem like a long time, she is still eager to explore and create works in the coming future that will allow audiences a glimpse into her personal creative multitudes.

We are certainly excited to witness what more BoA can offer the world. We cheer BoA on through her adventurous journey and pursuit of music.

We at MyKpopHuntress would like to extend our gratitude to SM Entertainment for this interview.

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