VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore

For Starlights in Singapore who have been waiting to see their idols in sunny Singapore, the wait was worth it as the boys from VIXX arrived with much fanfare on 27 May 2015. Armed with megawatt smiles and friendly waves to the crowd waiting for them at the airport, VIXX even stopped for a photo opportunity before making their way to the hotel.


Their arrival certainly got fans hyped up for the concert on 29 May. Glowsticks and banners were earlier prepared by groups of fans and freely given out to other Starlights as part of a fan project for the boys. Singapore Starlights were certainly very ready to give the boys a warm welcome!


After an exhilarating introduction video, VIXX burst onto the stage with On and On. Starlights had been waiting three long years for this moment, and the sextet did not let them down as they took their fans on a journey of their lifetime. Full of exciting VCRs and choreography, the entire night passed by in a flurry as VIXX entertained the crowd with their biggest hits and interactions with each other.


All time favourite hits including Voodoo Doll, Rock Your Body and Eternity had the whole crowd pumped up, glowsticks waving to the beat. VIXX enthralled fans with their slick dance moves and body waves. The boys were putting in their all to present their best sides in their first ever concert here, and seeing them sweat it out on stage made fans appreciate their efforts even more. Well, here’s a hearty welcome to Singapore, boys!


The night was not just about fast tracks and slick choreography as VIXX showed another side of them through ballads like Someday and Love Letter. The boys’ warm voices, particularly Leo’s high notes and Ken’s power vocals were the highlights of the night. Also, who knew red suits could look so good??


VCRs were shown in between stages to facilitate costume changes, and they provide entertainment enough to keep the fans occupied. One particular video had hearts racing as each of the VIXX members taught the audience different emotions. Ranging from Hyuk’s display of ‘Confidence’ to Ravi’s ‘Fear’ and adorable HongBin getting a ‘Surprise’ splash of water to his face, everyone was screaming when Ravi and Leo nearly locked lips with only a piece of paper between them, and Hyuk shying away from N’s kiss.


Each member was allowed their own minute of fame as they each had their individual stages. When introducing the first solo act, Ravi stated, “As you can see, we have one missing member”, to which fans screamed Ken’s name. Ravi then jokingly teased “Who’s Ken?” before conceding and allowing Ken onstage.


Ken transformed into Adele as he covered her famous song Rolling In The Deep, followed by Ravi’s swag-filled stage to Ghost. Ravi’s acapella bridge added  an interesting twist to the song. But Hyuk totally killed it when he appeared onstage in a white suit, showing off his piano playing abilities and ending off his stage by throwing a rose from his suit’s pocket into the crowd.


Leo did not let down with his solo stage. Despite his cold exterior on variety shows, Leo has a great voice and looks happiest when he is singing, and looking even happier when his members are sharing the stage with him. That guy certainly has a good falsetto on him, and his vibratos are on point. Hongbin followed up with an exciting dance sequence coordinated with the graphics on the screen to showcase an exhilarating experience as he wielded power and huge fireballs. N recreated his jarring contemporary dance that won him first place in the 2009 Korean Dance Youths Festival. His blindfolded dance was a physical representation of the music, and it was a refreshing change from the stylized hip hop dance that most groups are famous for.


Fans also really appreciated their attempts at speaking in English, as their accents were just adorable when they kept asking if the crowd was having fun.


Another highlight of the night was when the members gathered around to showcase their individual talents. N was hilariously trying to get the crowd to agree that his face was thumb sized, before getting trolled by the music production team who played folk music when he wanted to perform a dance to tackle fans hearts. N certainly took pride in his ‘scratching heart dance’ that he continued doing the rest of the night. Ravi did a sexy back dance while slowly taking his jacket, which Ken promptly dismissed as easy. Leo tried shimmying to Bang Bang (by Nicki Minaj and Jessie J) before impressing everyone with a high kick. What else did we expect form someone who is trained in Taekwondo?


Hyuk did a sexy dance that set off everyone’s hormones with his hip thrusts, and I didn’t know who was sexier at that moment; Hyuk or Hongbin’s neck stretch ‘dance’ that seemed to exemplify his good looks. Ken decided to try out some body building which involved him pulling poses, to which Ravi rebutted that it was nothing but aegyo. Seeing them interact was the cutest thing ever, especially when Hongbin had enough of Hyuk’s sass and asked the production team to turn off his mike.


As do all things, it was sad that the night had to come to an end. VIXX thanked the fans for everything; without them they wouldn’t be where they are now. They implored the fans to continue staying with them for the rest of the journey in their career.


Just like how we didn’t want VIXX to leave the stage, VIXX did not want to leave the fans as well. After the songs ended, they each took their time exiting the stage, making cute poses, waving at fans and just generally enjoying themselves. Just as we thought they were leaving for good, Ken gets a piggyback ride around the stage form Hongbin as the rest of the members appeared on the higher stage to wave goodbye.


It was a great concert overall, and we hope to see the boys again soon! Hopefully it will not take another three years for them to reach our shores again, but tonight’s memories will remain in our minds for an eternity.


Many thanks to Three Angles Productions for providing us tickets to cover VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia.

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