[Coverage] Press Conference: GOT7 Fan-Meeting in Singapore

25 Apr 2015 was a rainy and cosy day to be tucked underneath a blanket at home with a book for some quiet time, but Singapore fans of GOT7 were excitedly waiting at the Kallang Theatre for GOT7’s First Fan Meeting in Singapore. Not minding the rain one bit, I GOT7s came early to hang out with friends, and to queue for fan merchandise given out by various fansites!

The press conference for the event was held at the Kallang Theatre on 25 Apr 2015, just hours prior to the fan meeting itself. The 7 members of GOT7, JB, Mark, Jr., Jackson, Youngjae, Bam Bam and Yugyeom, were decked in an all-white ensemble, bringing out the fresh and youthful look of the group. Though they looked tired, they enthusiastically answered questions from various members of the media present.

Starting the press conference off with the quintessential question, “What is your impression of Singapore?” Bam Bam answered cheekily that he liked it that Singapore had big trees, to the amusement of the MC and media audience present.

Jackson added that it wasn’t his first time in Singapore. Back in the days when Jackson was a youth fencer, he had participated in the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held here! It must have been a memorable time for Jackson, because he remembers the Night Safari, Republic Polytechnic, Sentosa and our infamous prohibition of gum-chewing.  It’s too bad that Jackson didn’t get to eat our yummy food the last time he was here; He explained that he had mostly eaten food provided by the YOG.


Members of the media got the chance to field questions to the boys. On the question of how they feel about fans from different countries, they explained that every I GOT7s are passionate, and very into the show and performance that the boys present to them. The boys also mentioned how Japanese fans are very polite, and would keep quiet whenever the boys were performing. Fans in Thailand, on the other hand, are very enthusiastic! They opined that fans in the warmer countries have a lot more energy.

They related how the most passionate and enthusiastic fan that they remember was someone who couldn’t stop screaming throughout the whole show, and who was louder than the mics! We can imagine how disruptive that can be, but we’re sure the boys love any display of fans’ love that they get.


On the topic of Jackson’s stint on ‘Roommate’,  and variety shows, the boys thanked Jackson for spreading the name of GOT7. They would also like to participate in more variety shows if given the chance, as participation would be a good opportunity. They also think that Jackson is really talented!

Bam Bam explained that he would personally like to participate in shows that would allow him to move around a lot. JB then added that he does not have a preference for the type of variety shows he would like to participate in, but would like the chance to show his true self. We’re sure fans would love to see that too!


The next question certainly piqued the interest of the members. The question was: “If you receive a secret love letter, where would you choose to hide it?” and the options were: A) Closet, B) Under the bed, C) Behind a photo frame, D) Between pages of the book, and E) In a cookie jar. Jackson, in usual cheeky style, asked “What if you don’t have a cookie jar?” Youngjae also asked if it was really necessary to hide the letter! The question is meant to tell what kind of girls the boys are into, according to the options that they choose:

Yugyeom: Under the bed – A girl who is cheerful and bright, who enjoys life
Youngjae: Cookie Jar – A girl who is very particular and demanding about food
Jackson: Under the bed – A girl who is cheerful and bright, who enjoys life
JB: Between pages of a book – Knowledgeable girls, who can teach him things
Jr.: Between pages of a book – Knowledgeable girls, who can teach him things
Mark: Closet – A girl who likes cleanliness and tidiness
Bam Bam: Cookie Jar – A girl who is very particular and demanding about food

I guess we now know what kind of girls the boys subconsciously like!


On the topic of SNS accounts, Yugyeom explained that he updates about once a month, but does not read all the comments that fans send. We’d think it’ll be too much to read everything, since the boys’ popularity would mean they get A LOT. Youngjae explained that he used to be active, but since he does not have an account anymore, he can’t reply to fans’ comments. Bam Bam declared his love for Instagram, especially during special events like birthdays! When he said that he reads 70% of the comments fans leave behind, Jackson jokingly retorted that everyone else reads 100% of the comments!

A member of the media then asked how the group solved issues. Jackson explained that everyone would express their own opinions, but that leader JB would conclude and have the final say.


The next question then pertained to the lyrics that they personally relate with. JB answered that he could relate to the lyrics in ‘Gimme’, and if given the chance, would produce an RnB album. Yugyeom, on the other hand, likes the song ‘Stay’ but not particularly because of the lyrics. If given the chance to produce an album, it would also be an RnB album. Youngjae really likes ‘Stop Stop It’, and if given the chance would release an album full of sad, sad songs, with sad, sad lyrics. We wonder why, Youngjae!


We were also given the opportunity to attend the fan meeting itself. Stay tuned for our next article! For more pictures, do visit our facebook page.


Special thanks to LEAP IMS for the opportunity to cover the event.

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