[Coverage] Girls Generation and SHINee Vrooming the Stage at The F1 Malaysian Grand Prix Post Race Concert

The weather in Sepang circuit is often hot but this year, it was significantly hot. With the racetrack temperatures nudging 60 degrees, the performance of Girl’s Generation (better known as SNSD) and SNINee make the fans feel the heat even more, as they took the centre stage during the post race concert at the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2015 last Sunday.

As we witnessed the ‘Revival of the Scuderia Ferrari’ and the sea of red fills the grandstand when Sebastian Vettel took the checkered flag, leaving his two Mercedes rivals Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg settling for second and third place; across the grid line, there was another sea of colours in pastel rose pink and pearl aqua green, filling up the helipad area, waiting for the arrival of two sensational K-pop idol, SNSD and SHINee.


As the beautiful sun goes down, as a starter, a series of opening performance from Malaysia’s own act, #GTEXPERIMENT and Altimet gave the crowd a taste of a fun and exciting entertainment for the night before Hitchiker, a talented Korean DJ-producer whom also famous for his avant-garde videos, took the stage and whisked his mixer: PARTY ON!


Forget about Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid or Vettel’s Ferrari SF15-T, as SNSD dazzling in white pearly dress-suit ‘driving a taxi’ to the stage as they kicked off their performance with their Mr.Taxi. The sea of pink balloons painted ‘Finally You’re Back’ being waved to welcome the girls as they motioning their dance routines on stage. This post race is a definite event to fulfill the fan’s wish and bring the girls out as they continue rocking the evening with Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and The Boys. As they hit the lyrics at ‘Girl’s Generation make you feel the hit, And we’re doin it, we can’t be beat…’, the thunderous cheers from the crowd can be heard, probably louder than the vrooming engines of those F1 cars. The seven girls of SNSD, in the absence of Yoona, later greeted the fans and they were pretty excited to be back in Malaysia for such a great event like this F1 post race concert. Note to all, they were once landing on Malaysian soil back in 2012 for Twin Towers Alive in conjunction of Formula 1, and in honour to another spectacular Formula 1 Grand Prix, SNSD is back again to meet and entertain their lovable fans.


As if SNSD introductory performance was not enough, the whispering of SHINee is back while dancing their way to the stage to Sherlock and later Lucifer could possibly blow up any of the F1 cars engine or maybe the cause of Raikkonen’s punctured tyre as the temperature at the helipad area was definitely boiling. It was SHINee first appearance in Malaysia after the Golden Disk Award 2013 and it can be seen from the vibe of their performance that they were very excited to be back in this all-around blazing summer of Malaysia. In an attempt to bring down the smoking hot weather, SHINee continued showering the crowd with Love Like Oxygen.


After the extra oxygen to breath, yeah we thanked SHINee for that; the girls of SNSD took the stage once again and serenading the masses with two ballads, Complete and Backhug, showing their individual prowess vocals. The girls also extended Yoona ‘backhug’ to the fans as she was not be able to attend the concert and promised the fans they will bring Yoona and SNSD as a whole in their next performance in Malaysia. They blasted I Got A Boy before giving away the stage once again for SHINee.


Handsomely clad in suit attire, the boys of SHINee asked the crowd Why So Serious and gathered them to loosen up as they danced away to the song before singing their ultimate hit Ring Ding Dong. They were very proud as the fans were singing away to their songs and they compliment the fans for singing it well. Their showmanship was proven to be A+ as they’re ‘mopping’ the stage with Dream Girl and Beautiful. SHINee is another example of true LIVE performer.


As the evening almost come to an end, SNSD brought the memory of their fans back to their ‘bubblegum pop’ era as they sand to Kissing You and the single that brought them to the center of fame, Gee. SHINee joining the girls on stage, dressed in pearl aqua suit (almost similar to the colour of Petronas logo) bidding farewell to the crowds with their finale, Everybody which was followed by fireworks performance.


Despite both groups hectic schedule, it was an evening to be remembered for their fans, SONE (fo SNSD) and SHAWOLS (for SHINee) especially, and for other music enthusiast as general. It was rather rare to combine K-pop and Formula 1 in one event; thank you to Sepang International Circuit and Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2015 for organizing this post race concert- the only time when you can have SNSD and SHINee names to be on the same page as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel.

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