[Exclusive Interview] JJCC on ‘Fire’

JJCC, the first K-Pop Boy Group produced by Jackie Chan, had returned with their new digital single ‘Fire’ after hinted us with their comeback, during our previous interview few months ago. We were given the opportunity once again to meet with these 5 talented good looking guys right after their Geurilla Event in Hongdae, Korea, for a quick interview.

Keep on reading to know what Eddy, Prince Mak, Simba, Sancheong and Eco have to say to you fans.


Q : Could you give an introduction of your Fire comeback and concept?

Prince Mak : First of all, we worked on showing  fans the mischievous type of us. This concept really did show the different side of each one of us which I found it pretty fun. And to be honest, I like it better than Bing Bing Bing concept because it seems to suit us better who really like to play around a lot.

Eddy : I think it gave us the chance to show the real side of us on stage. Whenever you see us on stage, I think we portrayed ourselves more naturally and it gave us the opportunity to interact with the fans even better.


Q : How was the feedback that you received from the fans?

Eddy : Fans do have their own perspective and interest. Some of them prefer our previous comeback concept but most of them actually prefer this concept since they could see their real side and interact with us much better than our previous ones.

Prince Mak : I think it’s pretty good. I could see that fans from the other group started to gain their interest in us since this comeback. We could even see some new faces during our comeback stages so I think it is a really good feedback after all.


Q : You just ended your geurilla event. How do you feel about it?

Eddy : At first, we didn’t thought many people would actually turn up for this event, but, we received quite a good response and attendance of the fans here and it was a successful event we had.

Prince Mak : The fans really filled up the space. Since there were too many people, fans at the front ended up having to be seated because those at the back had trouble to see. We could even spot some new faces among the crowd which made us confident that we could gain more fans after this.


Q : Since each one of you underwent such a drastic image changes, who do you think has changed the most?

Eco : Honestly, Prince Mak looks the weirdest in the first place. But as time goes by, he has started to absorbed the new image pretty well.

Q : Do you have any plans for a full album?

Prince Mak : We have plans but we don’t know when.

Eco : We practiced hard for a full album, but, we wanted to try various type of music beforehand so that we will be able to see which concept we fit the best. Hence, we think it’s better to release a digital single first and a proper full album later.


Q : Do you have any plans for oversea promotion anytime soon? Malaysia maybe?

Eddy : Although we are not sure about the dates, but so far we have plans for Japan, Brazil, China and Hong Kong.

Prince Mak : We would love to go to Malaysia. We promise to try and figure out a way to be there.

Q : Do you encountered any memorable experience throughout this Fire promotion period?

Eddy : I ripped off  my pants during one of our comeback stage. But I was lucky enough when no one actually noticed that. However, I found out that Simba told the fans my pants ripped! I think it was funny.

Prince Mak : During one of our MCountdown stage, I almost burn my eyebrow from the fireworks. I was busy going after the camera and wasn’t aware of the fireworks. It was close but luckily nothing worse happened.

Simba : During Inkigayo recording, we arrived there early at around 7 o’clock although our recording was schedule at 11. So, we were just having some nice time relaxing but suddenly we were told to do our recording at 9 o’clock which made us rushed to get ready. That was unpredictable, so I remembered that moment a lot.


Q : Do you have any message for your Malaysia fans?

Prince Mak : We really looked forward to be in Malaysia and we are set to have another comeback soon. Its going to be another different side of us. So I hope you will like it just like I do.

Eddy : We love you and please keep on supporting and rooting us.

Sancheong, Eco & Simba : We Love Malaysia!



Check out these video that we managed to get during the geurilla!

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