[INTERVIEW] Amber Talks About Her Album and Being Solo Artist

Amber, the first member from F(x), just recently debuted as a solo artist with her mini album, “Beautiful” . The album consists of 5 songs, which have different genres in each songs, showed off her true colors – bright and emotional girl. The title track, “Shake That Brass” featuring Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon- an urban hiphop song, attracts a lot of audience in her MV where she invited her idol friends to be a part the MV. MyKpopHuntress was given a chance to ask few questions to Amber about the album and her preparation .

Check out our full interview with Amber below;-



Amber greets Malaysian Fans



  • How long has it been since you started working on your solo album and what did you have a mind when you found out that you were going to debut as a solo singer?

There was no set date that I started working on this album. It was an accumulation of years and years of writing and messing around with my crew. When I felt I was ready I brought all my tracks to my company and asked to go solo. It’s still surreal that my album is out, even now.

  • Tell us about your solo album concept!

My album “Beautiful” is my introduction as a solo artist. I wanted to bring a fun positive vibe thus visually there’s a lot of colors and wacky dancing.

  • Can you tell us about your solo project?

“Beautiful” is my first solo mini album. I focused on my roots for this album, thus the atmosphere as a whole is very warm and light. I tapped into my inner child and wanted to bring a very youthful vibe.

  • You’ve been constantly writing songs and contributing for f(x), is it harder to write for your own album rather for the group?

It’s extremely hard writing for my group. I’ve submitted many songs for f(x) and the to be honest “Goodbye Summer” and “Summer Lover” were some of the last songs I thought my group was going to sing.

  • How is your album is going to sound like as compared to f(x)’s albums? What are the differences you’ve noticed?

For this album compare to f(x), my album is very light-hearted. I didn’t purposely try to have a different songs, I just wrote whatever came to my mind. But I definitely focused on my roots and re-listened to a lot of the music I heard growing up.

  • As someone who debuted in K-Pop idol group, what advice would you give to someone who’s considering that path now?

I would say to be themselves and to enjoy the music.

  • Who is your biggest influence in music?

Though I have many role models in music, I would have to say Linkin Park is my biggest influence; their music never gets old to me. Vocally since I started singing again I really look up to Jessie J and Travis Garland, though I have a long way to go.

  • What is your target for year 2015?

For 2015, I want to explore more into music. I focused a lot on the song writing for the past couple years and now that I’m picking back up playing drums and guitar I want to focus on my musicianship.


Check out “Shake That Brass” Full MV below!

**Thank you SM Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to interview Amber!

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