[INTERVIEW] Red Velvet Delight

What would be the first thing you would imagine when you hear the word ‘Red Velvet’? Sitting elegantly on its gorgeous plate, topped with inviting creamy cheese frosting, the red velvet cake makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.

However, beyond the world of pâtisserie, one unfamiliar with Korean music would never guess that it is the name of a four-membered girl group. Making their hot debut in August 2014, the quartet added a red-velvety flavor to the K-pop scene in South Korea. Led by Irene, the group also comprises of Seulgi, Wendy and the youngest, Joy. In our recent visit to South Korea, Mykpophuntress met these sweet young lasses, waxing lyrical about their debut, musical concepts and career aspirations.

Happiness vs Be Natural

Red Velvet debuted with their first single, ‘Happiness’ which was released digitally through online Korean music portals. The song with the cheery, upbeat rhythm was released with a vibrant and colourful music video and managed to arouse massive attention from the public.

Red Velvet 자켓

On their 3rd monthsary upon debut, Red Velvet continued to channel a positive vibe in the music industry by remaking SES’s song, ‘Be Natural’. According to them, this new comeback made them nervous, as if transported back to the day of their debut stage. Wendy explained that they took public opinion seriously because the group was doing a remake of a song from one of the most successful and popular first generation idol group in Korea.

The need to be different from the original singer, and yet not deviate too much from the original meaning of the song, added to the nervousness and pressure they felt while preparing for the song. They wished they were able to hide their anxieties from the camera but believed there was more room for improvement for future performances.


Becoming a ‘Red Velvet’

Red Velvet (레드벨벳) The 2nd Single 'Be Natural' 자켓이미지 (1)

Entering the music industry at a very young age is a big step in one’s career. When the girlswere asked to speak about their dreams of becoming an idol, Wendy shared that she was chosen amongst thousands who have entered the SM Global Audition in Canada. Initially, her parents were against her decision to chase her dream of becoming a singer. However, with the incredible talent that she possessed, and her strong determination to pursue her dream, she gained her parents’ approval. Since then, her parents have been the backbone in supporting her singing career.

It was a different story for the youngest member, Joy. While the other 3 members, were introduced through the SM Rookies platform, Joy was the last one to join Red Velvet. She shared that she was not as nervous as she thought it would be when they debuted. The members have been practicing together for a period of time, and the elder ‘unnies’, have been taking care of Joy, just like real sisters.

When we asked Irene about her role as the leader of the group, she admitted that holding tothe leader role required her to plan steps in everything they do. She’s very thankful that the members are very understanding and they frequently discussed, communicated and found solutions together, harnessing their strengths and weaknesses.


Bubbly Joy

레드벨벳(왼쪽부터 아이린, 슬기, 조이, 웬디)

 Dressed in cheerleading costume and with the colourful dyed hair, the ‘Happiness’ MV infected audiences with its youthful and cheerful vibe. When we asked the members who suited the concept better, they simultaneously answered Joy. Well…that was not so hard to guess right? Her young age and cherubic features suited the cute and bubbly concept very well!


The lady of Naturale

If Joy is the face of ‘Happiness’, who would then be the bold and sophisticated lady of ’Be Natural’? Joy chose Irene because of the latter’s fascinating and unique facial expressions, while Seulgi was chosen by Wendy due to her charming and cool personality. Wendy also added that Seulgi is able to express her own style while performing the song.


Goals in Life

레드벨벳(왼쪽부터 웬디,슬기,아이린,조이)_3

Putting aside their cuteness and young appearances, the members of Red Velvet are very passionate, ambitious and goal-driven youngsters who seriously want to be successful singers. They have clearly mapped out their career aims.

Firstly they want to ensure that the name ‘Red Velvet’ is known not only in Korea or Asia, but worldwide. Seulgi commented that it would be nice if one day, she will be able to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and to never give up.

Irene, on the other hands feels that their music should leave an impact on someone else’s life, giving them strength. She further added that her members are the people who keep her motivated whenever they perform on stage as they share a special chemistry together when performing. The others also added that they felt a sense of purpose and oneness when they perform together, and this drives them to work harder and do better. They were thankful towards their fans who have supported them, near or far, and they can’t wait to meet their beloved fans in a future fan meeting or for a concert one day.

레드벨벳_5 (1)

A wise person once said, ‘Cake is Happiness! If you know the way of the Cake, you know the way of Happiness’. Therefore, just like the red velvet cake which brings happiness in life to those who have had the pleasure of trying it, , Red Velvet members also wish to be the source of happiness to not only their fans, but to the general music enthusiast.

We, atMyKpophuntress really feel that they will be a successful girl group in the near future. Red Velvet, hwaiting! Thanks to M.E Malaysia And SM Entertainment for the opportunity.

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