JJCC shares their first impression among members and hinted a comeback

JJCC (pronounced as Double JC) surely did attract a lot of attentions prior to their debut. Being the most awaited first group to be under the management of a World Star, Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan Group Korea, really attracted the Korea media to release news on them since a month before they successfully made their debut. MyKpopHuntress were given the opportunity to interview them during our recent visit to South Korea.

Group JJCC

Throughout the interview session, all 5 members of JJCC were seen so close with each other. When asked to introduce themselves as well as what do they want to be remembered of, E.co who is very confident of himself, said as his way of talking and thinking somehow visualizes himself as a smart person, he deserves to be call the brilliant guy of JJCC. While Prince Mak, having a long explanation on his name, which, Prince Henry Mak as his full English name while his Chinese name Mai HengLi wants to be known as the indefinite endorphins of JJCC. On the other hand, Eddy who owns the real name, Oh Jeong Sok, wants to be remembered by his voice. Explaining in details that he want the fans to be able to recognize as well as differentiate his voice with any other singer throughout any songs that he might be featured in. Simba nonetheless is much more confident than any other member and announces self-praised title as the real man in JJCC dissing out the other members. Lastly, San-cheong who is a very determined person said, as there are still much that he hasn’t be able to show, he will keep on trying to show his best thus want to be known as the hard-working member among fans.


Only 3 out of the 5 members are from South Korea while the other 2 were born and raised in the western countries respectively. So we asked them their thought of each other when they first met. E.co being described as the darkest and scariest person Eddy have ever met and the other members agreed. Prince Mak added, despite being scary and dark, he is the oldest among the members so he is the most mature and a know-it-all member who automatically makes the other members listens to him well. Prince Mak as well said that he always try to be in a good terms with E.co because he has always been scared of E.co who would sometimes act like a psychic killer. He then named Emily The Stranger and Bart Simpson as the character that could describe E.co the best. The next member being the target is San-cheong. Both of the foreign members, Eddy and Prince Mak, were in disbelief to see all the thing that they heard of San-cheong to be real including being a sleepy head, lazy and slow. Eddy mentioned that during the early days San-cheong was chubbier than he is now. But, as the time goes by, San-cheong lost a lot of weight, worked out and improved a lot than how he used to be. Simba was titled as the ‘Weirdest Person Ever’ by Eddy for having his Spock (Star Trek) hairstyle during their first met. While Prince Mak added that Simba is Manly but the members have just managed to discover his biggest fear, which he is scared of bugs. Above all, Prince Mak deserves the best first impressions by Eddy. Being heard of good stories of Prince Mak, winning the audition as well as being a good dancer and singer, made Prince Mak to top the chart for the best first impression rank. Lastly, the only member from The United States, Eddy, is the last one to be mentioned by the members. Prince Mak had a surprising first impression to mention on Eddy which he thought Eddy resembles a girl a lot from the photos and videos that Jackie Chan showed him prior to their first meeting. However, when they met officially for the first time, Prince Mak realizes that Eddy is manlier in real life than how he thought it would be.


Being an idol group members, made them have a lot of performances to perform each day. As we were curious, we asked them about their habit at the back stage. San-cheong explained that just like any other group, they would gather in a circle, put their hands together and do their chant. While Eddy added, that he would usually drink a lot of water and eats a lot of throat candies as it finds it helps best to reduce his nervousness. And Simba would always be the one to check on the stage layout to see if there are any changes made as that might need them to change their performance style as well. Being the most intelligent out of all the members, he will usually be the one to guide the other member on a new choreography style on the spot. While the remaining members would just practice their own part.


After years being together, the members explained their memorable memories together. E.co mentioned that they once went hiking together without Prince Mak and would love Prince Mak to join them soon. A Busan beach outing was also one of the best memories he had with the members. Being a fluent English speaker in the group, Eddy remembers the time they went to an Island and had a lot of fun. All they did was working out, eat, sleep and spent a lot of time talking with each other. Which led them to be closer among themselves.


Jackie Chan is a well-known world star. The members agreed that Jackie Chan  advise them a lot all this while. The Australian member, Prince Mak stated that Jackie Chan once mentioned that ‘Hardwork will never betray us’, encourages the members to work hard to get to where they want to be. ‘Live like there’s no tomorrow’ was advised to Eddy to not have any regret and do his best everyday without sparing any effort for the next day.


JJCC will be having their comeback on 14th January 2015. They stated that this time round, their concept is going to be more playful than how they used to be before. Explaining how they used to have such a charismatic choreography back then, they hinted us that its going to change 360 degrees and anticipate their fans support a lot. Do check out their comeback teaser video HERE.

Mykpophuntress.com would like to thanks M.E Malaysia and Jackie Chan Group Korea for the opportunity.

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