Running Man finally met Malaysian fans – Promise to return with all members

5 members of popular South Korean variety show, Running Man – Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Ji SukJin, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Jihyo – met over a hundred members of the media for a press conference held in The Intermark, Double Tree on 1st November.


Jumping straight to the questions, the five were first asked if they had visited any places of interest in Malaysia. Jihyo replied that they had just arrived that evening while Suk Jin added that they’ve only managed to have a view of the swimming pool of their hotel. Jong Kook jokingly added that all the members love swimming, except the ‘old man’, in refererence to Suk Jin.

Jong Kook, who was on his third visit to Malaysia, said that he felt at home whenever he visited Malaysia. HaHa quickly added that he felt the same. Kwang Soo later revealed that he really enjoyed Roti Canai while Suk Jin wanted to try Nasi Goreng here.

When asked about the fanmeeting, Suk Jin revealed that they prepared a signing performance and also a game segment. JongKook later added that they had prepared for “a big concert” and hoped that fans would be able to enjoy it.

At the end of the press conference, all the members thanked the fans and media for the support, and promised that they would continue doing their best to make the event fun and exciting. Kwang Soo promised not to forget about Malaysia and he was looking forward to having another memorable experience with Malaysian fans. Jihyo conveyed her disappointment that Yoo Jae Suk and Gary were not able to come along and experience the love in Malaysia, but hoped that they could come back as 7 members.

Autograph Session & Fan Meeting


A whopping number of 4000 fans waited as early as 8am to greet the Running Man stars at Paradigm Mall for the autograph session. As soon as the 5 hot stars arrived, the mall filled with cheers and screams as the five greeted their fans eagerly. 

Lucky fans not only walked home with autographs; some of them were able to take selfies and even receive hugs from their favorite stars!

During the fan meeting, an excited crowd of 2500 fans were present at Stadium Negara despite the rain outside. The Running Man stars opened the event with “You’re My Destiny”, and as usual KwangSoo added a humourous dimension to the performance with his voice crack. The members later greeted fans with “Apa khabar!” and showed off other Malay words they had learned earlier. HaHa kept saying “Malaysia sangat lawa” while Sukjin yelled “Aku cinta Malaysia!”


During the games segment with 23 lucky fans who were picked earlier, the first game was a relay game where fans and members were divided into two teams. JiHyo was an Ace as usual and did 50 sit ups! Team B won the game as they took the shorter time to complete the relay and won themselves a polaroid picture.

Kwang Soo, who was suppose to carry out the pepero game as punishment, decided to change his punishement as the fan was underage. Jong Kook then suggested that Kwang Soo give her a hug and take a picture together. Jong Kook took over the punishment from the young fans and we were pretty sure their lips touched, judging from Jong Kook’s red face!


The next game saw the members go butt-to-butt with fans, but the gracious stars lost on purpose to give a chance for fans to carry out the punishment of hitting their head. What a chaos that game was! The stars kept teasing and distracting each other just like how they’re so used to acting on TV! The last game was a hilarious imitation game where they imitated various animals like penguins and snakes.

The fan meeting continued with the solo performance from each of the members. Suk Jin performed a wonderful rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely” and threw roses to fans. Kwang Soo serenaded fans with “Bogoshipda”, while playing the piano, and had even gone down to give out flowers to fans. Jihyo who performed a song called “Flower Scent’ from the drama OST, later performed a duet that she was supposed to perform with Gary. Instead, HaHa & Jong Kook came out with Gary masks on!

The highlight of the night must have been the Kwang Soo & Suk Jin’s parody of Troublemaker, with Kwang Soo as Hyuna for the night! Jong Kook performed “One Man” and “Sunday Morning” while HaHa turned the fan meeting into a reggae concert.

Jong Kook & HaHa performed the quintessential ‘Loveable’ and all the other members joined at the end. Just before the end of the song, they took a photo with the audience and bid their goodbyes. Just when fans thought it was safe to leave, the members of Running Man came back on stage with ‘Hands Up’ making the audience go wild  once more.

Race Start Season 2 Fan Meeting in Malaysia was sponsored by Hotlink, Cream-O, with supporting sponsor Red Bull no 1 energy drink and supporting partner Paradigm Mall.

MyKpopHuntress would like to thank One HD for the invitation.

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