Eric Nam, INCREDIBLY excited for his first showcase in Malaysia.

The charming Korean-American artist, Eric Nam will be coming to Malaysia on 12th October 2014 as he is confirmed to be apart of the series of ‘F.Y.I on Stage’. In his previous interview, he said that he is INCREDIBLY excited to be in Malaysia as this will be his first time performing in Malaysia. Describing Malaysia as a country known for its beauty, delicious food and amazing culture, Eric Nam expressed his excitement and said he find it amazing that he was given a chance to perform in Malaysia.


Following his previous shows in LA, Morocco, Melbourne and Toronto, Eric Nam felt incredibly blessed to have the opportunities to meet fans around the world.

“The coolest and most amazing part of this is that I am getting to go to these places because my fans have been vocal and great at lobbying their local organizers to have me come to their cities and countries. Malaysia is no exception. My Malaysian fans have been all over social media and very active, so I’m incredibly thankful, blessed and excited to meet them in person!” said Eric Nam when asked about his thought on staging in different countries.

However, like every other artist Eric Nam too have some concerns when it comes to his performance.


“I think with any stage, I want to show them only the best parts of who I am and what I can do as an Artist. So it’s just the pressure to put on a good show for my fans. They are taking their valuable time and investing it into coming to see me. For that, I’m incredibly thankful and want to be able to pay it back by building a great experience together.”

When asked about which Malaysian artist would he like to have a collaboration with, he stated honestly that the only Malaysian artist he knows is Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh. Being unfamiliar with Malaysian music industry, Eric Nam then straight out said he will ask his fans about who to look out for in Malaysia’s music scene as his fans (in Malaysia) are much more attune and familiar with the local music industry.

Eric Nam also revealed that he is currently trying his hands on a Mandarin song. He said although singing a song in Mandarin, a language that is foreign to himself is challenging but he is willing to give it a shot for the sake of his fans here.


“Hopefully I won’t ruin the song! haha” said the cute Korean-American singer.

Eric Nam will be performing his songs as well as some of his favorite cover songs for ‘F.Y.I on Stage’ this coming Sunday (12th Oct 2014) at Chatime Galleria, Puchong.

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