Evol Press Conference in Malaysia

September, 25th- South Korean girl group, Evol (Effective Voice of Ladies) consist of 5 members, Say, Jucy, Hayana, Yull and J-Da greeted the various media representative at Neway Kbox, One Utama for their first press conference in Malaysia. The girls will be having their first showcase in 3 different states in Malaysia, including Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka.


Debuted on August 2012 with “We are a bit different”, Evol is definitely a bit different than other Kpop girl group as their main concept is based on hip-hop and also electronic musics. In fact, they can also do a lot of different genres other than hip-hop.

Together with Block B, Evol came to Malaysia last two years for a private event. However this time around, they are back in Malaysia for their fist ever showcase. They were asked what are their missions or hope when coming to Malaysia for the second time and Hayana, a native English speaker replied, “We wanted to get to know more friends in Malaysia and also gain more fans in Malaysia”. She also added that Evol in the midst of preparing for their comeback, but they haven’t decide on the date yet.  


Later, the MC asked them to show off some personal talents and Yull sang a short cover from Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, Hayana did some cute pose, Leader Say sang a traditional Korean song (Arirang) and J-da did kiyomi while speaking in Malay such as ‘apa khabar’ (how are you?) and  ‘terima kasih’ (thank you). After that, he teaches them to say I love you in Malay (saya cinta padamu) and surprisingly all of them success in their first try!

During the Q&A sessions, one of the media representative asked about what is their comment on Malaysian foods, and all of them replied that they haven’t get the chance to try Malaysian foods yet and they wanted to try Nasi Lemak, Satay and roti canai later after their showcase in Ipoh ended.

After the press conference ended, Hayana said please look forward for their performance and also please continue to support them on the future.

We would like to thank New Pro-Star for giving us the chance to attend the press conference. For more pictures of Evol in Malaysia, please visit our Facebook Page at https://m.facebook.com/MyKpopHuntress

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