[Press Conference] CNBLUE : Can’t Stop Live in KL

August 8th, Kuala Lumpur – At 3pm sharp The Ballroom of the Double Tree by Hilton hotel was graced by the presence of 4 members of CNBLUE for their Can’t Stop Live in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference one day prior to their actual concert day.


The press conference started off with the boys greeting the members of the media with an “Apa Khabar Semua, (kami adalah) CNBLUE!” which literally means “How are you doing everyone, (we are) CNBLUE!”.

Below are the questions thrown by the MC to the eager members of CNBLUE.

Q : How do you feel about coming back here for your 2nd Tour here in Malaysia?

YongHwa : It feels great to be back here again for the second time and we would like to show a great performance to showcase our album.

Q : How is this concert different in terms of preparation and feelings?

JungShin : First of all, the name itself is different. Our last title was Blue Moon and now we are back with Can’t Stop. We have a new set of songs so we have a new setlist. We hope everyone will enjoy the show tomorrow. Please look forward to our performance tomorrow!

Q : I understand that the Can’t Stop album sounds more mature and mellow compared to your previous albums. What other music styles would you like to try next time?

YongHwa : If we’re talking about different styles, rather than having one specific genre or music style, we often go for according to a certain ‘feel’. Please work forward to our next album.

Q : CNBLUE are very talented songwriters as well, do you get request from any other bands or singers?

YongHwa : Yes we receive many requests but we are always busy with our own album so for now we are focussing on CNBLUE.

Q : In conjunction with your Can’t Stop Tour, what was the most memorable episode from the tour so far?

YongHwa : This time around we want to make an unforgettable moment here in Malaysia. We want to make Malaysia the most memorable stop. Terima Kasih! (Thank you)


Q : CNBLUE has a tight schedule, how does each member release stress?

Minhyuk : Stress is…

YongHwa : In my case….

JungShin : Exercise?

YongHwa : What?

JungShin : I said to work out.

YongHwa : Working out… I couldn’t do much of it lately because of the shooting (of his current drama), but I do things like horse riding.

MinHyuk : YongHwa and JungShin do horseback riding and I’ve always wanted to try it at least once since it looks interesting and fun. I will definitely learn! (how to ride a horse)

YongHwa : JungShin-ie always said he rides well so I thought he can really ride really well too. But now that I’m filming the drama and I met the same instructor….. I’ll just leave it here for now.

JungShin : Yeah… I’m good! (In english) YongHwa has been filming the drama (and do a lot of horseback riding during filming) so I think he rides them better than myself now.

YongHwa : The instructor did mentioned that Jungshin is a really cute and exceptional student. He wouldn’t say why by he said one that works TOO hard.

Q : We know that it’s usually quite tense before you go on stage, what do you usually do before stepping on stage?

MinHyuk : In my case, I will be listening to a lot of songs and we would do a chant or cheer together. I think that makes me calm my nerves.

Q : What would you like to share with the fans for the upcoming concert?

YongHwa : Everywhere we go, it’s always the same for us. We would like to hear the cheers and receive the warm support from our fans during the concert. We can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow.

Q : Could each member please share your future plans after the Can’t Stop Live Tour.

YongHwa : After the Can’t Stop tour comes to an end, I will start preparing for my solo album. I will come out with a good album and around next year we might release a single album. We don’t have an exact date to the plan yet but at the moment this is what we have.

Q : Please share a message to your fans out there.

JungShin : Yes. Its been long since we came here to see our fans in Malaysia. We would like to create a memorable time for the concert this time around. For those who’ve been waiting a long time for us, please look forward to our performance tomorrow. We will give our best and show you an awesome stage. See you guys tomorrow!

The press conference ended with a cute “Terima Kasih” from JungShin and a photograph session.

For more pictures from the Press Conference do check them out at our Facebook page.

We would like to thank IME Production for inviting us to this press conference.

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