[Coverage] Christmas with Lunafly in Singapore!

It’s a Lunafly Christmas!

Christmas came early this year for the fans of Lunafly as the talented trio made their way down to Singapore, half a year after their first showcase in May, for a special Christmas concert on the 21st of December. Held at the JStage, on the rooftop of JCUBE mall, Sam (26), Teo (20) and Yun (19), didn’t disappoint their waiting fans as they sang and jammed close to 20 songs, comprising of original penned tracks from their album, pop song covers and a medley of familiar Christmas jingles during the two-hour long concert. Despite worries of light showers, which are frequent at this time of the year, occurring during the event, the weather proved to be amazing with only the gentle evening breeze blowing comfortably as the night went on.


Decked in hues of white and grey, the trio entered the venue to the enthusiastic cheers of their fans, Lukies, and went straight into their first song of the night, Day By Day (Eng Ver). Although it was only the beginning, the harmony of the fans’ voices singing along to their second title track made it feel like the concert had been going on for awhile already. As a band known for their excellent covers of popular English songs, Lunafly also showcased their smooth vocals in their live rendition of Bruno Mars’s When I Was Your Man and Pink’s Just Give Me a Reason before bringing Lukies back to the familiar tunes of One More Step and You Got That Something I Need (Eng Ver) from their first full length album, Fly To Love.

Of course, a Lunafly concert would not be a Lunafly concert if it’s not for Teo’s famous Tinglish during the ment session. This time though, it seemed that someone had been helping him with his Chinese language because in addition to Korean and English, Teo had half the audience in fits of giggles and the other half in confusion as he flaunted off the Chinese phrases and pick-up lines that he had learnt.



The boys continued on with covers of world-famous old school tunes, namely Westlife’s My Love and The Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me and had the entire audience, which hailed not only from Singapore but also Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and even America, humming and singing along with gusto. Sam, in particular, with his blonde hair and English features, almost looked like he would have belonged perfectly in any one or these boybands! J

After a short intermission, the trio, who were now dressed to dazzle in shades of black, returned to the stage to perform their latest single, Stardust and an OST of popular Korean drama, Pretty Boy, 길치 (Poor Sense of Direction) for the very first time live in Singapore. Lunafly also covered Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors, one of the most highly-requested and highly-anticipated live performance by the fans and there was reason to do so because the perfect harmony created by the three as they belted out the song simply blew everyone’s socks off. The talented three also got everyone humming and singing along as they jammed to the likes of Maroon 5 (Love Somebody) and Chris Brown (With You).



One of the highlights of the entire concert was probably the performance of the group’s debut song, Superhero, which was done entirely impromptu and purely live with only Teo playing the chords on the keyboard as Sam and Yun’s sweet vocals blended in with the fans’ singing along. It was almost magical to hear a solid chorus of only the audience’s voice singing a verse of the song and it seemed like it also left the Lunafly members in awe and pride of their fans there that night. Only slightly later did Sam mention that it was the first time Lunafly was singing a piano version of the song and that he liked how it sounded.

The Saturday night with Lunafly grew more exciting as the members got the entire audience on their feet for the remaining time of the concert. They cranked up the atmosphere with more performances of their original penned songs from their first album including What’s Your Name and Help Me Find A Way (Eng Ver).


Lunafly then took some time to chat with the audience. As per always, granting fans’ aegyo requests are a must and so the three members, though very reluctantly, obliged;  Sam awkwardly flashed a cute expression, Teo did a short parody of Crayon Pop’s Bba Bba Bba while Yun made a cute kissing sound into the microphone, which left him feeling rather awkward at the end of it. Teo further showed off his rapping skills as he rapped to verses from Big Bang’s TOP and LC9’s songs which got the crowd cheering in excitement. He also attempted to teach Sam and Yun Japanese and Chinese respectively but it only left Yun more confused than ever and Sam wondering how the crowd actually managed to understand what Teo had been saying all night long!

As part of the Premium package, 6 lucky fans were personally selected by the three members for a special date with Lunafly the next day. This also had the emcee asking the members how they would ask a girl for her phone number. While Yun revealed that he would go up to the girl and directly ask for it like a man, Teo and Sam chose to use cheesy pick up lines of “You’re beautiful” and “I’m sorry, I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?” respectively in bid to get the numbers and this left both the emcee and the audience tickled with laughter. The Lunafly Singapore fanbase also took this opportunity to present Lunafly with a special event and a cake to celebrate their 450 days of debut.

With only a little bit of the concert left, the three members expressed their thoughts and feelings and said their heartfelt thanks to the entire audience for being present that night. “Passionable” was what Teo described everyone who was there for them and indeed, it was passion that ran deep as Lunafly performed their final song for the night; their hit song, Fly To Love.

As the name goes, a Christmas concert with Lunafly isn’t complete without Christmas jingles and Lunafly made sure they didn’t miss them out. As the crowd cheered for an encore, the three re-entered with bright smiles in Santa costumes, their hands filled with baskets of roses and candy. Singing a medley of popular Christmas tunes including All I Want For Christmas, Lunafly got everyone excited as they went off stage to personally hand out fresh red roses and candy to as many ladies in the audience as possible. It was definitely a Christmas concert worth attending and I’m sure everyone in the audience received an early but memorable Christmas present to last for a long time to come (well perhaps until the next time Lunafly visits Singapore again!).

Merry Lunafly Christmas everyone!




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