With all the promises of new stages and a ‘new’ NU’EST during the press conference, we were all pretty excited to see what the boys from Pledis had to offer. We all know what great performers they are live, and with their new offering Hello, we certainly could not wait to witness it for ourselves.

And the boys certainly did not disappoint! Starting the night explosively with a dance introduction that gave way to an electrifying performance of Action, the boys really knew how to get their fans in a frenzy, with the perfect execution of their choreography and the quality of their live vocals that hardly deviate from the studio versions.


They also performed crowd favourite Face (the fanchants were really clear during this one), latest single Hello, Introduce Me to Your Sister, and Sandy, among others. Introduce Me to Your Sister was memorable because even though we all love their strong and cool performances , who could resist the eye-smiles during this song?

The Sandy performance was a very special one because it was sung in English! The lyrics were written by a fan, whom we all got to meet when NU’EST requested that she stood up and show herself, and we’re sure both fans and the NU’EST boys alike are very grateful to her for her efforts. It definitely gave L.O.Λ.E who were present a night to remember.




Aside from the performances, what made the night especially special were all the fan interactions and special games that they put up. NU’EST has always made it clear that they wished they could interact with fans in more ways than the stage-audience form that is the norm.  Not only was this showcase planned such that this could happen, the boys were also seen looking into the audience very often, as if to communicate with every single fan present.

The Q&A segment  (where the boys were required to pick fan questions and answer them), and the quiz and game segment saw the boys being naturally competitive with each other, and their antics showed the camaraderie they shared. The game segment even involved all fans present in the venue, to determine who would walk away with some personal items belonging to the members. At the end of the elimination-style segment, some fans got to go on stage to choose which items they wanted, and have their pictures taken with the boys.


The show ended with a high-five segment for fans who were eligible for it. They met their fans with sincere expressions, looking into everyone’s eyes as they uttered a heartfelt “Thank you” or “I love you”.


We think this sincerity is what makes NU’EST  a very special group of people, and this sincerity drives them in their pursuit of excellence in their craft. NU’EST may be a young group, but we are certain we can expect even more great things from NU’EST!

Once again, we’d like to thank JNation Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event.

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