LINE: A New Launch Mobile Messenger App in Malaysia

LINE, the most leading mobile message provider, has announced its goal to expand and attracts mobile users from all ages to use LINE at a press conference held in Kuala Lumpur today. Driven by the vast mobile phone technology, LINE is expected to invest and attracts more Malaysian public user through several collaboration with local business and wide joined marketing campaign by international business.

During the press conference today, emceed by Baki Zainal, he invited Mr Lee Jin-Woo, the general manager of Global Line Business, Mr Darin Hwang and together with Mr Khong Ming Leong, the manager in charge of LINE’s business in the South East Asia Region to come on stage to briefly explain what LINE is all about and how they are different from the rest of the mobile messaging application. LINE, is a simple and convenient messaging service with interactive features such as LINE Games, LINE Play, LINE Camera and so forth enabling users to customize their own Smartphone Life Platform, a platform that allows the users to create, share and connect with one another across the world.

 LINE Press Conference 2 - Jin-woo Lee, General Manager of Global LINE Bu... LINE Press Conference 5 - Jin-woo Lee, General Manager of Global LINE Bu...

Mr Lee Jin-Woo, the General Manager of Global Line Business also said that “Our goal has always been to create a true Smartphone Life Platform, used by everyone around the world. Today marks the continuation of that effort, by growing our user-base in Malaysia with the best localized features and services for Malaysian users.” In support to that, Line in collaboration with Nokia, has now supports Nokia’s S40 platform and comes preloaded with Nokia’s Asha smartphones. Other than that, to give more local flavour to its services, LINE has also gathered the support of Malaysian celebrities on LINE Official Account, like Zizan (Raja Lawak), Danny One, Liyana Fizi, Isaac Dang, Chris Tong Bing Yu, Jane Ng and Keqing.

Right after the Question and Answer session by the media, the press conference continues on with the screening of the locally-filmed TV commercial staring Choi Siwon, who acts as a boyfriend interacting with his girlfriend in LINE. Choi Siwon also attended the press conference to show his support for LINE. When asked about his feels during the shoot for the TV commercial, he said that he was nervous, due to his busy schedule and also with the preparation for Super Show 5, but he was glad to see the many Malaysian fans that give him strength during filming of the TV commercial. He added that despite the multicultural and multiracial, he is happy and glad to be in Malaysia for the shoot. On the other hand, he also mentioned that his favourite sticker LINE is James and shows off his virtual brand room and avatar on LINE PLAY, an Line avatar communication service, telling the media that the he wanted a simple virtual brand room and avatar, creating it with a ‘SPY ‘ concept in mind and closely to his own room.

 DSC_0069 DSC_0088 DSC_0092

The press conference ended with photo taking session by the media of all the Official LINE account celebrities, Choi Siwon, Danny One, Liyana Fizi, Chris Tong Bing Yu, Jane Ng and Keqing.

Visit LINE website to learn more about the application and be among the first to connect with other  friends globally.





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