A Date with Jung Il Woo

People said it’s better to see it with the naked eyes as it won’t lie and never gives you wrong impression on what you see. That is what happen to us when we come across actor Jung Il-woo (@Actorjungilwoo) last week in Times Square as he’s here for the Holika Holika promotion.

We have no expectation on Jung Il-woo as he’s not more than just a cute face that you will see in your laptop or television screen if you’re an avid k-drama fans. He also not the k-pop type of artist where they are doing both in acting and singing but he’s a talented actor who successfully nailed every character that has given to him through out all the drama he’s in, as for the latest one should be Prince Yan Myung  from ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’.

Arrived in Malaysia on 22th night, Jung Il-woo’s here to promote ‘Holika Holika’, a cosmetic company who’s joining in other line-up brands here in Malaysia. As he’s the new spokesperson for the brand, inviting him over to Malaysia is a great move to promote Holika Holika and introduce this charming prince to the local people on what it is all about. The event which took place in Berjaya Times Square managed to have a huge crowed of spectaculars and of course the loyal fans of his. Fans wore all purple colour clothes as the supporting colour and Jung Il-woo seem overwhelmed by the support from the fans as he do not realized that he has a lots of fans here in Malaysia. Starting the press conference with English remarks, he’s able to get a loud of cheer when saying ‘Saya cinta padamu’ and the fans went wild. We would say he’s so friendly in person as he keeps on waving, smiling and even so sporting with the camera all around.

During a Q & A session, fans are able to learn that the actor loves his skin so much and advised to take extra care for our own skin. He’s just flawless with perfect flower boy face. He’s been asked on when he started to take care of his, he shyly replied “Let’s keep it as secret”. Jung Il-woo is not alone in promoting ‘Holika Holika’ as he’s been paired up with girl group, SISTAR along side with him. Responding on how well he knows SISTAR, he replied that all of them are beautiful and he loves working with them too, but bluntly makes a cheeky remark, all the girls here are also beautiful! He knows how to tease the fans!

After that, the event moved on with photo and autograph session for top spenders and lucky customers who’re taking part in the contest. Once again, Jung Il-woo put up his concern when he keeps on asking to give him marker pen so that he can writes fans’ name on the autographed posters. How thoughtful is that? We’re already blown away by him during that time and the after effect is even worsen!

Before the event ends, fans sang him ‘Happy Birthday’ song in three languages (Korean, English dan bahasa Melayu) as to wish him for his 25th years birthday and he seem surprised with crowd who dedicated the song and gave 90 degree bow out of appreciation. He’s just a nice guy isn’t he? Moved on, he visited the Holika Holika outlet in Times Square on the 3rd floor for the store visit and gathered a huge crowd of people there as well.

Photos and description won’t do any justice to describe on how well and good he is. Hopefully, this visit will give more opportunities for Jung Il-woo to come again to Malaysia as we’re already captivate by him. Fans and customers of ‘Holika Holika’ should pay a visit to the store at Berjaya Times Square as Jung Il-woo has left something there for all of you!

Thank you ‘Holika Holika‘ for giving us chance to cover the event! ^^

For more photos of Jung Il-Woo in Malaysia, do visit our Facebook page.

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