2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Park Bo Gum rose to stardom with the TV series “Love in the Moonlight” and named the “National Prince of Korea”. This time, with the unveil of his latest TV series “Encounter”, a new boom of K-drama has hit Asia and Bo Gum receives a new nickname “National Boyfriend”.

In TV series “Reply 1988”, Park Bo Gum plays a role as a genius Go player “Choi Taek” and rise to fame with his pure personality and charm. Subsequently, starring the indifferent and sassy prince “Lee Yeong”, of “Love in the Moonlight” make him earn the protagonist huge recognition and popularity. He even gained the name “National Prince of Korea” because of the character in “Love in the Moonlight”. In his latest drama “Encounter”, he plays as a freewheeling and ordinary young man “Kim Jim Hyuk”. He shows his ability in performing different character well in different dramas.

After his latest drama “Encounter” ends, Park Bo Gum plans on a 2019 Asia Tour to meet Asian fan. Start with Seoul on January the 26th, he would display his talent to fan. On March the 30th, 2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur <Good Day: May your everyday be a good day> is holding at Plenary Hall, KLCC. In addition, Bo Gum has prepared special presents of “HIGH TOUCH time” to Malaysia fan.

The organizers, Love Live Entertainment (Asia) and AC Music Entertainment and announced that tickets for the events are divided into RM 390, RM 490, RM 590, and RM 690 (excluding RM 4 processing fee). The tickets will go on sale at 11am of 2nd Feb 2019 via the Ticket Charge website. More information about the event can be found in the AC Music Entertainment – Malaysia Facebook page.

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