[Coverage] Bringing The 6 Beat Boys of BTOB in Malaysia 2018

Debuted 6 years ago in 2012, the well-known talented vocal-heavy, BTOB (an acronym for Born to Beat) is a South Korean boy band hailing from Cube Entertainment has once again greeting Malaysia with ‘BTOB in Malaysia 2018’ last week.

A no stranger to Malaysia shore through many joint fan meeting & concerts before, this is the first time BTOB holding a solo activity in the country.

Organized by iMiniTV, managed by WE Entertainment and emceed by Hani from ERA, <BTOB in Malaysia 2018> the 2 hours mini concert combined with fan meeting was specially created for Malaysia only. Lucky for Malaysian Melodies (BTOB’s fan club name)! It was attended by both local and overseas fans, mainly from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia.

Seo Eun-kwang, BTOB’s leader were absent due to his compulsory military service duty and so the show goes on with the remaining 6 members, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Chang-sub, Im Hyun-sik, Peniel Shin, Jung Il-hoon, and Yook Sung-jae. The group has proven their ability as a natural entertainer as well as a group with amazing and jaw-dropping vocal skill throughout the fan meeting. Their leader would be very proud of them. We miss you, leader-nim!

They performed a total of 9 songs (song list below) and there were 3 game segments plus 1 lucky draw segment for Malaysian’s Melodies. Just before the event started, each fan got the chance to write down their wishes on a whiteboard outside of the venue. BTOB members will then play Genie, picking one wish to grant. Among the wishes made by fans were; dance battle between Changsub and Sungjae, requesting Hyunsik to sing a verse from Frank Sinatra’s Moonwalk, singing with BTOB member and many more!

Fans burst into laughter when Sungjae got a little impatient while waiting for his brothers to pick up any wishes and jokingly hurried them in Malay language (Cepat sikit!) and screamed ‘STRESS’. Chaos happened during the guessing game where Melodies need to guess BTOB’s song title after listening to 1 second of song introduction & another one is after listening to 1 syllable sung by BTOB. It was an intense competition between BTOB and Melody, (yes, BTOB members also took part in guessing!) and BTOB showed no sign of mercy when they tried very hard to guess the songs as well! Sungjae goofs around by demanding for the prize (signed poster) when he managed to guess a song correctly.

Our personal favourite moment of the event are definitely when the boys were learning Malay phrases from emcee Hani. Trying more than just “saya cinta padamu” or “lah”, emcee taught the boys some other slangs like, “Lek Lu” (calm down), “Saya Lapar Gilerrr”, “Ahhh stress, cepat sikit!” as well as “Sayangggg~ awak“. Good job emcee and the fans totally loved it, judging on how loud they screamed!

As the first fan meeting without Eunkwang, the members have frequently mentioned him with Changsub melting hearts by saying even Eunkwang is not there with them now,  he will always be with them as he is in their hearts. Even only 6 of them and not 7, Ilhoon mentioned let’s enjoy the time they had together tonight to the fullest and have fun!

<BTOB in Malaysia 2018> is their last oversea event as 6 members, it ends with a bittersweet speech by each member. Their promise to return to Malaysia with complete 7 members were made in both tear-jerking and humorous way. We will wait for the promise to be fulfilled right now!


1) Missing You

2) Friend

3) Only One For Me

4) Its Okay

5) Please

6) Movie

7) Blowin’ Up

8) Beautiful Pain

9) Our Concert


Special thanks to We Entertainment for inviting MyKpopHuntress to such a brilliant concert.

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