[Coverage] MKH’s First Ever KCity Camp Hypeday! in Jakarta, Indonesia

Organized by Citilive Event Indonesia, MKH were invited over to cover the annually-held KCity Camp Hypeday! at Istora Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday, 9th December 2018. This year lineup sees two South Korean’s powerhouse girl group, CLC (씨엘씨) and Gfriend (여자친구 ) attending and both of them made their debut back in 2015.

CLC, or Crystal Clear from Cube Entertainment, consisted of seven members: Oh Seunghee, Choi Yujin, Jang Seungyeon, Chonnasorn Sajakul (ชลนสร สัจจกุล)/ Sorn, Jang Yeeun, Elkie (莊錠欣), and Kwon Eunbin (from Produce 101 TV show). Having 2 foreign members, Sorn from Thailand and Elkie from Hong Kong along with their popular tracks like Pepe, Like, High Heels, No Oh Oh, Hobgoblin, Black Dress has further boosted the group’s popularity world wide.


GFriend from Source Music are made of Sowon (Kim So Jung), Jung Ye Rin, Eunha (Jung Eun Bi), Yuju (Choi Yu Na), SinB (Hwang Eun Bi), and Umji (Kim Ye Won). They have been consistent in providing razor-like accuracy dance, coupled together with hit songs like, Glass Bead, Me Gusta Tu, Rough, Navillera, Time for the Moon Night ever since their debut.


On 9th of December, the show starts with a Meet and Greet Session by both groups. The session is conducted via a lucky draw system, where selected fans are able to take photo and have some interaction with the group. After the M&G session, the crowd begins to flood into the venue. The stadium was surely filled with Indonesian Buddies (GFriend’s Official Fan club name) and Chesires (CLC’s Official Fan Club name) and joined together with fans from Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and of course, Malaysia.


The first group to perform is CLC.

It was CLC’s first time performing in Indonesia and they felt that the fans welcoming are super hot like the weather. Sorn’s speech in English excites the whole stadium, an appreciation for having them to understand their idols better. The girls hope that the Cheshires are happy with their performance and that they would be able to come back to Indonesia again with their upcoming new track.


The songs performed by CLC that day includes:


1. Hobgoblin

2. I Like It

3. Meow Meow

4. Summer Kiss

5. Pepe

6. Black Dress


GFriend was next to perform.


They were very happy to be in Indonesia and they kept asking the crowd to keep the stage hot. Indonesian Buddies are well prepared for Gfriend’s performance, their fan chants for all songs performed can be heard loud and clear. They also remembered to celebrate GFriend’s leader, Sowon’s birthday by singing a birthday song as her birthday was only 2 days prior to the event. GFriend were also seen taking videos of themselves with some Lucky Buddies’ cellphones during the show. Precious and rare footage, obtained!



The songs performed by GFriend that day include:


1. Fingertip

2. Me Gustas Tu

3. Rough

4. Vacation

5. Love Bug

6. Mermaid

7. Time for the Moon Night


The girls have performed in such great condition, we believe that the Indonesian Buddies and Cheshires had a swelling great time, and hope that the girls will visit Indonesia again in the near future!


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