[Coverage] Bii Back Again in Malaysia with 2018 Bii 畢書盡 My Best Moment in Kuala Lumpur

The Taiwanese-Korean singer, who last visited Malaysia 2 years ago, has come back with his “My Best Moment” concert at Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur on 10th November 2018 (Saturday). The concert will see Bii share his decade-long journey with his fans.

The “My Best Moment’ was indeed successful when Bii or Bi Shu Jin (畢書盡) has sung more than 22 songs on that night including his popular songs like Be Your Light, Come Back To Me, I Wanna Say, I Know, My Girl, BABY and many more! You can find the songs performed on that night listed right at the end of this article.

Born and raised in Korea, the 29 years old singer-songwriter is also well known using both Mandarin and Korean in his song lyrics. On top of that, his multilingual ability also allows him to freely converse with fans of different culture and ethnicity. Bii opened the concert with few energetic songs like Action, Baby Don’t, Come Back To Me and Be Your Light.

The show then continues with more of his hits songs Find The Way, Back In Time (Ni Shi Guang De Lang), Bliss Unbroken (Fu Sheng Wei Xie), Labyrinth (Mi Lu), Nothing But Happiness (Xing Fu Wu Guan). During the sixth song, Back In Time, fans lit up the arena with a blue flashlight using a balloon.

Before the break, besides fans welcoming him back to Malaysia, he mentioned that he would love to come back as well since the people here is nice. Bii then came upon the piano playing one of his favourite idol’s song, G-Dragon. All his fans sang along with him at After Turning (Zhuan Shen Zhi Hou). The Encore was indeed special when all fans started to sing My Love For You Won’t Change (Wo Ai Ni Bu Hui Gai Bian) along with the music being lead by the band. Bii ended this last concert of the year in Malaysia “My Best Moment” with 3 other famous songs, The Love You Gave Me (Ni Gei Wo De Ai), Think of You (Wo Xiang Ni Le) and Love More.

At the end of the concert, Bii mentioned that Malaysia is his third home. He thanks all fans for not forgetting him. He also said “Whenever I come back I feel so warm. I promise to come back more often but all of you must promise to wait for me to come back. Hope to see you all soon”.

We hope Bii would keep his promise and perhaps we can meet him again in Malaysia soon


2018 Bii 畢書盡 My Best Moment – Setlist


1. Intro + Be Your Light

2. Action + Baby Don’t

3. Come Back To Me

4. 38 + We Will Rock You

5. Find The Way

6. 逆時光的浪 Ni Shi Guang De Lang (Back In Time)

7. 浮生未歇 Fu Sheng Wei Xie (Bliss Unbroken) + 迷路 Mi Lu (Labyrinth)

8. 幸福無關 Xing Fu Wu Guan (I Know)

9. Untitled, 2014 (G-Dragon Cover)

10. 转身之后 Zhuan Shen Zhi Hou (After Turning)

11. <Guest DINO> Intro + 越过城市 Ye Guo Cheng Shi (Across The City)

12. <Guest DINO> 没那么脆弱 Mei Na Me Cui Ruo (Fragile)

13. <Guest DINO> 再见了不安 Zai Jian Liao Bu An (Goodbye, Anxiety)

14. I Wanna Say + 从来不知道 Cong Lai Bu Zhi Dao (Never Know)

15. 聊伤 Liao Shang (Scars)

16. I Know

17. 蛋 (Egg)(Demo 版)

18. My Girl

19. Let’s Drunk

20. 爱你就够了 Ai Ni Jiu Gou Le (I Need You Girl)

21. 再见再见 Zai Jian Zai Jian (Goodbye, Goodbye) / Sweet Little Baby


22. 你给我的爱 Ni Gei Wo De Ai (The Love You Gave Me)

23. 我想你了 Wo Xiang Ni Le (Think of You)

24. Love More


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