[Exclusive] Vibing Up With CLOVD : A Catch Up Interview

CLOVD or you may have known him before as Topp Dogg’s member, Gohn now has embarked his own solo career this year. After leaving the group in 2015, CLOVD made his comeback to music-making again in August, 2018 with six-songs venture namely “PROJECT CLOVD” via Soundcloud and Youtube. ‘Slow Motion’ has been gaining a lot of attention for its R&B slow jam vibe. Check it out here!

The solo singer cum producer paid a visit in Malaysia recently and My Kpop Huntress get to had catch up with CLOVD on his current work and theres a lot he had to say, we are very excited! Lets check out what he has been up to.

Anyway first of all, it has been a while. How have you been doing recently? We hope you got to chill a bit here in Malaysia. Do you have anything you like about Malaysia?

For me the one that i remember the most is the food in here, I really like Malaysian food a lot. I tried Nasi Goreng when i came here and i missed it alot, Although there is Nasi Goreng in Korea and I also bought it there, but it wasn’t as good as Nasi Goreng in Malaysia. I feel very happy that i can eat Malaysian food here and i will try to eat a lot of it for this time.

You have been producing for other people too in the past, now you are standing on your own. How is it different now?

When i was in group, there are a lot of restrictions in producing a song, so i couldn’t help in producing the songs and i had to put it aside first. But now that I’m going solo i can deliver and express my thoughts and my emotion in my work so that i could communicate with the fan more, as in putting messages directly into the songs.

I want to deliver and send a lot of things on it. Some of the songs i put some messages into the songs or i express my feelings, like i have so much stuff and i just want to take a breathe and release it. Some of the songs i deliver it like writing a letter to the fans.

Has slow jam, R&B had always been your thing or did you got into it when you were looking into rebranding yourself?

I have a lot of favorite genre songs, but R&B is the most favorite genre for me and i think it is very classic for me.

What has inspired you in the making of PROJECT CLOVD?

I haven’t update anything on my Instagram for awhile, but i did receive some direct messages from fans asking me what am i up to, do i have any plan on doing music again and telling me they are waiting for my music and looking out for me. Those messages really cheer me up and make me feel like i should do my comeback and doing music for them. I have feel like i should return and show everything to them. I would be very happy even if there’s only one fan listen to my song and my music. That’s why im going solo with Clovd and preparing for the album.

Producing and going solo can be tough, any challenges that you are facing? How do you gain strength to go through it?

For me the most challenging thing in producing song is because i was alone, since I’m alone so i couldn’t share my feelings with others and there are some pressure that i will get to fulfill the fans expectations. I didn’t think of it as a challenge.

Slow Motion has really chill vibes just like its name, when and how do you think listeners should enjoy the track? In the car or at workplace, etc?

I wasn’t expecting to write the song but then casually when I was recording it though its very unusual of me to have this great song like Slow motion. Because its more to classic R&B feels and the songs itself have deeper meaning for him. I felt it more when I’m editing it and processing it while receiving some messages from fans.

Your favorite track in PROJECT CLOVD & why?

I really like Slow motion song the most, to be very honest i think all of the tracks. All of the songs have my emotions message in the song and some are from the things that i got inspired, but Slow motion is the combination with my real thoughts and my feels that i really want to deliver to the fans. Slow motion is the reason why he produce all songs, because of that it’s one of the song that he want to show to the fans the most from the beginning.

What sort of story would you like to tell from your solo works as CLOVD now? What can we expect next from you?

I will release more songs after this, and after that i will take a break for few months to refreshing myself. Then, I’m thinking of doing and release some more songs in future.


It was great to finally see CLOVD resurfacing again in the showbiz and we are especially glad he enjoyed Malaysian food. We wish CLOVD all the best to his coming endeavour and we definitely are excited to see what else he would bring in with his music in the coming future.

You can stay up to date with CLOVD via Instagram : clovdyallday and Youtube

Follow all the good vibe stuffs he got in Soundcloud :


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