[COVERAGE] Exclusive: Behind The Scenes with Get It Beauty Hosts in Malaysia

Calling out to Malaysian K-Beauty lovers! Get It Beauty On The Road in Malaysia, tvN’s brand-new original production, will be premiering soon through Astro Ria and tvN’s Channels this coming 24th – 25th September 2018!

Adapting the winning format of popular beauty programme Get It Beauty, Get It Beauty On The Road in Malaysia will bring an exciting insight into exploring and educating more about K-Beauty products and tips to our local viewers, featuring influential Korean beauty and fitness icon Kim Jung-Min, alongside with co-hosts singer and dancer Min, and our beloved local celebrity Kaka Azraff!

The fabulous trio will go around Kuala Lumpur to identify beauty, skincare, and wellness problems faced by the locals, whilst bringing in the latest trends and gadgets from Korea, also with the help of popular make-up artist Kim Gi-su, to tackle issues one by one.

Furthermore, MyKpopHuntress was given the opportunity to have an exclusive behind-the-scene visit and a brief chitchat session with the Get It Beauty hosts! The gorgeous trio will share some tips on how to stay healthy, discussing beauty trends, and future plans of their careers!

Q: Kim Jung-min, since you are known to be a fitness and beauty icon, how do you stay healthy and motivated? Especially when you have a busy schedule?

KJM: Rather than just maintaining our physical figure, I always believe what’s coming from the inside is also important. I love exercising and meditating through Yoga – it helps to maintain my physical and mental health. What’s even more interesting is that my yoga teacher is actually a Malaysian! Everytime when we go for classes, she will always greet us with Malaysian language “Selamat Datang” (Welcome!).

Q: Apart from being in the beauty and fitness line, any future plans getting back into acting?

KJM: Since there are a lot of varieties ranging from beauty to fitness, I don’t really choose any specific path, if there are good acting opportunities come along the way, I will be gladly to take it as well.

Q: For Min, what underrated K-beauty trends that everyone in the world should know?

MIN: Confidence. It is more than just having a good outer appearance, having good personality and confidence is definitely a plus! I think everyone should know that.

Q: Any exciting plans that we should anticipate from artist Min? Your fans are really curious on what have you been up to!

MIN: I collaborated with a producer not long ago and we just released a song, called “Marathon”. You definitely should check it out! I have been working more on music lately and hopefully I will bring more exciting news soon!

Q: Lastly, Kaka Azraff, what are your favourite parts about K-Beauty? Also how does it feel being on Get It Beauty with Min and Kim Jung-min?

KA: One of the things that I love about K-Beauty is that they always go for light and natural make up. It is more about emphasizing your features rather than covering them up and I love it so much!

Yes, it is definitely a big opportunity for me to be on the show with them and it is far from what I have imagined in my career. I feel like it is such an honour to be able to work with them.


Are you excited to see them on Get it Beauty On The Road together? We can’t wait as well!


You can catch Get It Beauty On the Road in Malaysia on Astro Ria [Ch 104] – 24 September (9pm) and tvN [ASTRO Ch 395 or unifi tv Ch 211] – 25 Sep (Every Tue) 6.30pm.

No. Of Episode: 4

Duration: 30 minutes


We would like to express our gratitude to tvN for the invitation!


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