URIAH SEE Unveils Music Video for His Comeback Single “Now Or Never”

IM Entertainment’s artist Uriah See has finally released his much-anticipated music video for his latest digital single “Now Or Never” On 2 July 2018. The song and its music video are currently available on IM Entertainment’s official Youtube account, music streaming applications such as Spotify, KKBOX, JOOX, iTunes, Google Musics, Chinese radio broadcast stations, and IME Asia Facebook page.

This latest single contrasts the previous sensibilities of the shining star, Uriah See whom initially seen as a baritone who performs songs with mid-range of tones to pull off a powerful strong vocal and image in his latest single. “Now Or Never” is a title track which represents the actual story behind Uriah who gone through self- realization where he finally sees the importance of moving out of his comfort zone.

Uriah also challenged himself with something new, which is dancing. As South Korea is known for their catchy and sharp dance rountines, Uriah went over to polish his dancing skill and received intense dance training everyday for over one month under the guidance of professional dance trainer, Kim Eun Ju from E-Dance Studio. Kim Eun Ju, the choreographer behind “Now Or Never” is also a dance trainer for well-known artists from JYP Entertainment, YMC Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment and more.

During the shooting of violin scene, the violin strings snapped due to high friction exerted on the strings. However, that incident did not put an end to the shooting as this music video plays a crucial role for the promotion of his new digital single “Now Or Never”. Besides that, Uriah danced to the same routine for over 50 times during the shooting to ensure that he and the dancers were perfectly synchronized for each and every dance move, and so that all camera angles could be captured perfectly by the film crew. With the professionalism of the music video director’s team from 3box Studio and Uriah himself, the shooting was fortunate to be completed in within 24 hours.

You may check out the music video now via the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW40emqF2z0&feature=youtu.be

For further information, please visit IM Entertainment social media platforms: Facebook: @IM Entertainment Malaysia / @Uriah See 徐凯 Twitter: @UriahSK Instagram: @iment_my (IM Entertainment), @Uriahsk (Uriah) Weibo: @Uriahsk

About IM Entertainment Malaysia IM Entertainment Malaysia is an artist management division under IME Group of Companies. IME Group is an entertainment company with 12 branches in South East Asia, IME industry-leading to recruit international elite team, committed to develop multi shows and events. IME Group has a senior management team from all around Asia familiar with the music market, with good planning, music production, concert production; develop artiste experience with the successful operation of a number of large-scale concerts.

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