Get upclose with RANIA

Update your fans, what you up to nowadays?

Hyeme: We are preparing for our next album.
Ttabo: I’ve been filming China TV program and preparing for our new album.
Jieun: We are preparing for Malaysia and Brazil’s promotion tour now. And, we are working hard on our new album that will be released in this summer.
Zi.U: We’ve been preparing for a comeback!

Tell us about the relationship among your girls? Anyone awkward with each other?

Hyeme: We don’t feel awkward and we are really close to each other.
Ttabo: No, we are all close with each other.
Jieun: No, we are like a family. With only looking at the eyes, will clearly know about it, isn’t it?
Zi.U: We used to have an awkward relationship, but no more! And I think everyone is different.. It could be my only thinking?

With so many girl groups today, how would you like people to recognize you among the rest of them?

Hyeme: The famous girl group among the world.
Ttabo: Showing the only girl crush and sexiness of Rania.
Jieun: I want to be a role model that affects the people who have dreams and to the junior groups.
Zi.U: I want to be recognized as an artist. I’ll have to put more effort and study harder in order to be that, but I think I could do it!

What songs have you listened recently? Any recommendation?

Hyeme: Our fans, please recommend me.
Ttabo: Nicki Minaj, G-Dragon
Jieun: Different at time, it based on my mood.
Zi.U: ‘Friends’!

Any funny/interesting stories you would like to share when you girls get together?

Hyeme: Just always have fun and interesting.
Ttabo: During outdoor performance when it is raining
Jieun: It’s interesting even to say a word together. Cling to each other.
Zi.U: I always have fun

What fact or hidden talent of you besides singing & dancing are you really surprised that more people don’t know about?

Hyeme: The expression in my eyes
Ttabo: I have the energy that able to listen to people well and make them happy.
Jieun: Vocal mimicry? Voice actor?
Zi.U: I like exercise! (I like ball games too..) I like fashion too!

Who’s the best in cooking among you girls? What kind of dishes that you cook the best?

Hyeme: I am the one who can cook well. I am really good in cooking the Korean
foods. Ttabo: Me, China sweet and sour pork.
Jieun: Hyeme, Hyeme has her Hyeme stew recipe. She has no recipe but it is really delicious.
Zi.U: Everyone can cook differently, Hyeme cooks according to her feel and Ttabo cooks the Chinese foods.Hyeme: I am the one who can cook well. I am really good in cooking the Korean
foods. Ttabo: Me, China sweet and sour pork.
Jieun: Hyeme, Hyeme has her Hyeme stew recipe. She has no recipe but it is really delicious.

Your ideal type?

Hyeme: Someone with a lot of things I could learn from.
Ttabo: Someone who is tall and funny.
Jieun: Maybe I am tall, so I wish to be hugged in arms.
Zi.U: Charming guy!

If magic was real, what kind of spell would you like to learn first?

Hyeme: The magic which can erase the memory.
Ttabo: A magic that allows me to eat without getting fat.
Jieun: When I watch Running Man, there is someone who can controls time, I found it quite interesting. No matter in happy times or someone who’s encountering a difficult situation, I think I could help them.
Zi.U: Wingardium Leviosa. I’m joking, I want to have magic to allow me to have what I want. Why are there so much things I want in the world?

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Hyeme: Besides the weird thing, when they think it could be a burden for us and staying far away to look at us.
Ttabo: I’m surprised when oversea fans came to Korea just to see us.
Jieun: Don’t have any yet!
Zi.U: Always playing hard to get… Like in a relationship… I am not good in push-pull relationship…

Who are your favorite musicians? Group? Solo?

Hyeme: – Ttabo: Nicki Minaj, BTS
Jieun: Senior BoA, she’s been my role model since I was 10 years old.
Zi.U: Mamamoo!!! I like Hwasa the most!! She’s so charming. Big Bang is awesome on the stage too. I found that amazing when they performing freely and enjoying.

Do you get nervous before any performance? How do you cope with it?

Hyeme: I’m not nervous, I have a mind control.
Ttabo: I felt nervous at first, but it getting lesser after many activities. I often go to the toilet.
Jieun: Am I nervous? I think I’m getting more talkative.
Zi.U: I feel nervous on the first performance, but I told myself to just enjoy it. I think it’s good to enjoy on the stage, I am trying to do it every time!

What concept that you would like to try for next release?

Hyeme: Hmm…
Ttabo: A musical concept?
Jieun: I think everything is fine except cute one.
Zi.U: Neat and sophisticated?

How do you see yourself/group in 10 years from now?

Hyeme: I want to be a distinguish person
Ttabo: I would like to launch a kindergarden.
Jieun: How old am I after 10 years.. Haha I hope during that time I still can be able to meet our fans.
Zi.U: During that time, I’ll be acting and have my own music, and I trust I’ll be much better as time goes by, maybe? Maybe I could have my own brand, buying a building, or maybe I’ll be in China or Malaysia, either somewhere else.. No matter where am I, I hope I can be someone with dream.



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