Get Upclose with The King

Get upclose with KPOP boyband group, The King. Debuted 13 January 2017, Stallion Entertainment’s 5 member – BaWool, ChoiRang, DongHyeok, Sejin and SeungJae break surface onto the main stream K-Pop scene with their debut album, “Destiny”. Scroll down as we to get upclose with 20’s Q&A.


  1. Why did you name your band as ‘The King’? Any story behind the name?

Actually we were preparing to debut with the name ‘Giant,’ but we thought it could be better to change, so we decided to change it to The King. It refers to the King of K-pop World and to make our fans be the queen.


  1. Which member has changed the most before and after debut?

Seungjae : For me, I think I’ve changed the most since I’ve done correction and do a lot of exercises, it seems I’ve changed quite a lot.

Donghyeok : I think everyone is still the same for now.

Bawool : I think it’s me. My skin has become better and I’ve lost weight, I think I’ve become a lot like human in many ways now.

Sejin : I think it will be Sungjae. Seungjae’s muscle getting stronger and his figure become bigger.

Rang : Seungjae and Bawool did change a lot. For Bawool, he’s getting taller and his skin has gotten better. As for Seungjae, he has become a monster, incredible Seungjae.

  1. What is your favorite track that you would like to recommend to people?

Seungjae : I like ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson the most. It’s hard to get goosebumps listening to foreign songs, but the song was the first that gave me creeps.

Donghyeok : I’d like to recommend ‘Sound of Winter’ of Park Hyo Shin, because I like senior Park Hyo Shin.

Bawool : ‘Be My Side’ of SG Wannabe. I’m a fan of the Descendants of the Sun, so when I listen to the song, it reminds me to the scenes in the drama.

Sejin : I’d like to recommend ‘Shelter’ of Peter Robinson. I listen to different genres, but recently this song makes me feel happy. I’d like to recommend more songs to our fans and share the vibes together.

Rang : It depends on the season or feeling to decide on which song I’m into. Recently I’m interested with Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘The Snowman,’ I couldn’t get enough of it. So, I’m recommendong this song for you to listen.


  1. Any memories among you ever since you know each other that you really like?

Seungjae : I think it’s the best when we don’t think about work, and gather up to talk or play games.

Donghyeok : I like it the most when we are done with our schedules and went to eat delicious food.

Bawool : I personally think of Vietnam, where we went together for vacation. Actually we have been to a lot of foreign countries together, but that was our first time going to foreign country for a holiday. It was a comfortable ones.

Sejin : There were a lot of moments when we were having difficulties and happiness together, and we think of it as a chance to be tougher. There are times when difficulties turned into happy memories. There is this one time when only Seungjae, Bawool and I, three stayed in Lanzhou, China for performance while Rang and Donghyeok had to go back to Korea and come over again later. It was Autumn’s Eve in China and Korea, so all the restaurants in the town are closed. The three of us prepared canned and instant foods for Rang and Donghyeok while waiting for them to come from Korea. We often talk about this Lanzhou memory.

Rang : It’s great that whenever we are together, we are noisy and having so much fun. Everyone seems to get tired quickly, when we are together for too long, I got tired. I too, our Vietname trip is a precious memory.


  1. What concept would you like to try next?

Seungjae : I want to try a strong, hip-hop song. I think it will be interesting to try a difficult song with a strong beat and lyrics.

Donghyeok : I want to try a bright concept which allow us to have fun with the audience.

Bawool : I want to try an intense concept.

Sejin : I want to try different concepts, but among all of that I’d like to try a concept which is lively and energetic. I’d like to show that kind of concept since we’ve never tried any energetic concept before.

Rang : I want to try a concept which allows us to experience each other’s presence with the people who are watching the performance and enjoy together. In order to do that, five of us will have to be interesting first. We would like to try an exciting song.

  1. Any artist that you look up? Tell us one that inspires you a lot.

Seungjae : I admire senior Yoo Jae Suk, even if in my next life, I think I could never be like him. I think he’s really awesome.

Donghyeok : I’m a perfectionist, senior Sunghoon has similar personality as well. Although everyone admits his ability now, it’s cool that he always shows us how he’s growing.

Bawool : Senior Haha is my role model, because I think it’s closest to my dream.

Sejin : Among the singers, I respect Big Bang, and I totally respect G-Dragon. No matter as an artist or singer, he inspires and motivates me a lot. And, I respect Sunghoon, since I’ve been watching him, I feel that I should learn more from him and work harder.

Rang : I admire senior Highlight. I’m envious of them and want to be like them as they’ve been active for a long time and still feel like brothers. The person who inspires me is my parents and I. For my parents, of course nothing has to say, but I worry about them the most, at the same time, they are the strongest. They are my inspiration. Also, I like to imagine a lot, being moody and lonely, I personally think this inspires me.


  1. Are members staying together? Who is your roommate?

Seungjae : We have a dormitory, our Chief, Sejin, a friend and I, four of us staying together.

Donghyeok : No, I’m living with my parents.

Bawool : We are not staying together now. We’ve had stayed together for quite a long time during our trainee life, now everyone has back to their home.

Sejin : We are living apart.

Rang : We used to stay together during our trainee period, but it might be personal; my health got weaker when I moved out, so now I’m staying with my parents.


  1. Any place that you guys would like to travel together?

Seungjae : I want to be at the Summoner’s Canyon where I have always met the members at. Other than that, I want to go to a beautiful place where I can scuba dive together.

Donghyeok : I want to go to a quiet resort.

Bawool : If we are given a chance to travel again, I want to go to Langkawi Island. I want to have delicious foods with everyone and stay for a night then come back.

Sejin : We’ve traveled to Danang, Vietnam before. It was a really good holiday. It was nice to travel together. I want to go to New York, US with the members.

Rang : Instead of travelling together, even though it seems like a dream, I wish to stand on the stage of Tokyo Dome one day.


  1. Tell us your 2018 wish!

Seungjae : As a singer, I want to be at a place where I can be successful and help people around me.

Donghyeok : I want to show our fans more and sing more nice songs to them.

Bawool : Compared to 2017, I want to spend more time with our fans together in 2018.

Sejin : My wish is hoping everyone around me can stay healthy and happy in 2018.

Rang : As usual, always my parents’ health. And, my goal for this year is music, and I want to sing my song.


  1. Any funny/interesting stories you would like to share when you were preparing for your debut?

Seungjae : Last time when we received an order that we shouldn’t cut our hair, we were trying to make each other laugh with it. We also braided our hair for two, haha…

Donghyeok : Last time we tried to play a horror game together, since everyone was a coward, we couldn’t play it and just shut it down.

Bawool : We can talk about it interestingly now, but last time we didn’t have money to even take a bus, I remember we were walking all the way from our hostel to the practice room.

Sejin : I remember we all went to Dongdarmun together to pick outfits for our debut. We’ve tried so hard to choose but end up only with regret.

Rang : In the beginning of our trainee life, our house totally had no furniture, but now we have all furniture we need. I remember we were sleeping in a big room with only our blankets, for now I think that period was fun, even though we got nothing at all.

  1. The King has come to Malaysia with Sunghoon for his fanmeeting before. This time, it’s for your own promotion, how do you guys prepare yourselves for this?

Seungjae : Every performance is precious, but we tried to bring a perfect performance closer to our fans. Please look forward to it!

Donghyeok : We tried to show a better stage and show what we can show.

Bawool : We have prepared a better stage and better songs in order to interact with all of you. It’s a secret.

Sejin : For the fans during our promotion tour in Malaysia this time, we prepared the past, present and future of The King. I hope you all will like it as we were really paying a lot of efforts.

Rang : It was fun during the fanmeeting of Sunghoon. I think it will be a stage where we can get closer with people who come to see The King this time.


  1. Tell us on how you experience Malaysia. Where did you guys go and what food you have tried?

Seungjae : That time we don’t really have a free time to look around in Malaysia. This time I will spend more time to enjoy and remember every moment for sure.

Donghyeok : Every food was delicious but I personally like Satay the most.

Bawool : Last time when I was staying in Malaysia, I enjoyed eating Nasi Lemak and Satay, and I like Roti Canai. For place, I’d like to go to Genting again.

Sejin : We’ve been to Malaysia in 2017 with senior Sunghoon. I heard it was a country with a beautiful city and has a lot of delicious foods, and I finally experienced it last year. It was a really clean and beautiful country, and the foods were really delicious. Different but yet familiar tastes made me really enjoyed eating it.

Rang : I tried the foods which Bawool recommended, I was surprised that it suited my taste. During the Asia tour, the food which he recommended was the most delicious.


  1. If you can be a superhero, who would you like to be? Pick one and tell us why

Seungjae : I want to be Ironman. He’s cool and rich, the best!

Donghyeok : Dr. Strange, I want to go everywhere I want, and it seems everything is possible for him.

Bawool : I want to be Superman. He’s an alien who is handsome, strong, and flying everywhere.

Sejin : I liked Spiderman when I was young, and some time ago I liked Dr. Strange, now I want to be Black Panther. Recently, I really enjoyed the movie. And, I think Black Panther’s abilities and mindsets are cool.

Rang : I don’t want to be any kind of superhero. I want to be at home. I want to be a superhero at home, lying over there and free to do everything.


  1. Any variety shows that you are interested to go?

Seungjae : I want to appear on Infinite Challenge, because it’s a funny and my dream program.

Donghyeok : I want to appear on Running Man for their racing game, on One Night Food Trip to eat whatever I want to eat. I’m also a big fan of Infinite Challenge and Knowing Bros too.

Sejin : I want to appear on Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol, I heard from news that both programs are going to change. Even if it’s for real, I still want to appear on Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol at least once.

Rang : I enjoy watching Radio Star. The guests or emcees are really fun, so I would like to go on the show one day, please look forward to it.


  1. Any close idol friends?

Seungjae : No, normally I just stay at home when I have free time.

Donghyeok : No

Bawool : No, normally I just stay at home.

Sejin : I’m close with VAV’s Ace and Ha Joon from ‘The Rose’ drama. I’ve trained with Ace, and I knew Ha Joon since I was a trainee.

Rang : I’ve trained with Ace from VAV.

  1. Anyone from your group can cook? What is your favorite dish to make and eat? Cook together or alone?

Seungjae : Bawool is a good cook. He cooks meat especially well, he is the best at it. Donghyeok : I heard Bawool can cook spicy rice cakes and stews well.

Bawool : Donghyeok and I know how to cook. Can’t say I’m good but I can cook simple dishes at home. I’m impressed by Dongyeok’s Carbonara though.

Sejin : Bawool and Donghyeok are good in cooking, Choi Rang can cook as well but Bawool is the best among them. He cooks our favorite dishes very quick and it would turn out delicious. He is really good at spicy rice cakes and Kimchi stew. My mouth is watering when I’m answering it right now.

Rang : Normally, Donghyeok or Bawool. I’m just ordinary, Sejin really couldn’t cook at all. He’s bad at it. Both me and Sejin won’t interrupt when members are cooking their dish, because we are not a good help for it.


  1. Any hidden talent besides singing and dancing?

Seungjae : I can make wrinkles by using my facial muscles, but it is really hideous. I don’t really do it. It seriously makes me look ugly.

Donghyeok : I’m really good in two-steps jump at rope jumping.

Bawool : I learned to play drum since I was young, I’d like to show it to everyone if I got the chance.

Sejin : I can compose lyrics and songs, drawing and designing. I’m acting too. I’m trying everything that I’m interested in, so I do enjoy expanding a lot of different skills.

Rang : Are losing things and getting lost at roads considered an ability too? I have such ability. The road I just walked in, the thing I just hold in hand, can be lost within a second.


  1. What should we be expecting from you guys in 2018?

Seungjae : I hope that it will be a year to increase the amount of practice and to develop the part I’m lacking at. Nothing is impossible.

Donghyeok : I will try hard to show our best in 2018 too.

Bawool : I hope we will be able to meet more fans in 2018 too.

Sejin : In 2018, we will strive to show new image and in various ways for each member. and I’d like to go to more countries compared to 2017. So please do love and support us. If The King is going to release a new album, hope the fans will keep supporting us.

Rang : I hope to be more skilled in the music area and can meet up with the fans often.


  1. With so many boybands nowadays, how would you like people to recognize you from the rest?

Seungjae : I would like to be recognized as self-sustaining group for what we have achieved.

Donghyeok : I would like to be recognized as a cool idol on the stage.

Bawool : Handsome funny uncles.

Sejin : There are many boybands recently, but I hope more people will get to know about The King. We will show our friendly, coolness and hard work. I hope to be a legend, becoming the King of K-pop World that everyone will remember. I wish to hear that ‘The King is a really awesome boyband’ from people.

Rang : As individual or a singer, I would like to be recognized as a cool person.


  1. Malaysia is kind of hot while Korea is cold right now. How are you adapting to the weather change?

Seungjae : I’m a person with quite of a heat in the body, and I don’t think its cold in Korea now. It will be comfortable to wear short pants, short-sleeved shirt or singlet in Malaysia.

Donghyeok : Trying my best to stay indoor. It’s dangerous outside the blanket (T/N: its a pun).

Bawool : I like hot country, since I’m sensitive to cold.

Sejin : I can easily adapt to the sudden change of weather from cold to hot.

Rang : It wasn’t that hot in Malaysia last time.

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