(COVERAGE) Get Intimate With IN2IT On Its First Asia Showcase Tour “Carpe Diem”

On 3rd February, IN2IT landed in Malaysia for their First Asia Showcase Tour “Carpe Diem” to greet their fans, fondly named as IN2U.

IN2IT is a K-pop boy group under MMO entertainment, formed after winning Mnet’s survival show ‘BOYS24’ and its eight members are Yoo Jiahn, Jeong Yeontae, Hwang Inho, Han Hyunuk, Isaac Voo, Lee Inpyo, Kim Jinsub, Kim Sunghyun. The group debuted on October 26, 2017 with ‘Carpe Diem’ album and ‘Amazing’ as its title track.


The rookie group held an open press conference at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The venue was packed with extremely excited fans for Malaysia’s member, Isaac Voo who finally get the chance of a public appearance in his home country.

IN2IT opens the show by performing their popular track “Cadillac”. Mr. Bernard, the host of the day jokingly said “I let them perform one song because the boys really want to perform today.”


After a brief break, the boys sing Chinese New Year song as a greeting. Inpyo and Hyunuk said “Aku Cinta Kamu” then Jiahn goes with “Wo Ai Ni Men.” The Q&A session starts and the first thing they revealed is that Hyunuk has visited Isaac’s hometown in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah before and for the other Korean members, its their first visit to Malaysia.


It’s a dream come true for me to come back and perform in front of so many people in my own country,” said Isaac.


We’ve heard a lot about Malaysia from Isaac, it’s a great country and such an honor to finally be able to meet you all,” said Inpyo.

When asked about what is “Carpe Diem,” they said it means that its best to seize the moment and enjoy youth. Parallel to that belief, they went on with adorable gestures as a fanservice. At the question of who they think the most handsome in their group, all fingers pointed to Isaac and he is chosen again for sexiest member title which are met with loud cheer from the fans.


Inho took a chance to thank fans for their great interaction, and how the experience they had performing various stages during the BOYS24 show are what makes them different from the rest.


Tight performances in BOYS24 really help us to keep going forward,” Sunghyun added.

If were given a chance to try another concept for their next comeback, Jinsub said that they are open to try everything and asked everyone to look forward to it.


Isaac shared about how he went through a lot for about two months with language barrier but the Korean members have been really helpful. He added pro-tip that conversing with the Korean locals also helps in being fluent fast.


Isaac cheers those who shared the same dream as him to keep trying and never give up!


Naturally, language exchange happened and Isaac has taught the Korean members a few Malaysian phrases. Inho confidently threw in a “Boleh Bah” and “Okay la!” which delights the hall.


Jiahn exclaims a shy “Bo Jio” and the members continues a lot of phrases, some of them includes “Leng Lui” and “Bagus!”


Staying in Korea for a long time, Isaac said he misses a lot of Malaysian food naming homemade meals first and followed with laksa, nasi lemak, pan mee, cendol and the list goes on.


Finally, before leaving the stage, the boys performed “Amazing” and once again wished a Happy Chinese New Year to their fans and a promise to show a cool image in the next following day at their showcase at PJ Live Arts. At this showcase, fans congratulate IN2IT for their 100th Day of Debut. Congratulations again, IN2IT!


Special thanks to Fast Track Events for inviting us.

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